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Family Stuff (and then a little fan stuff)
Lots of things going on with my family this week.  My sort of brother-in-law had his shoulder surgery on Monday.  The shoulder itself is now back in place, and he's all wrapped up in some kind of restrictive brace.  This was only the first procedure, though.  In a couple of weeks, they'll do another, this time operating on the back of the shoulder.  With lots of luck and physical therapy, he might get up to 80% of what he once was.  That's a big might though.  The surgery took over four hours, starting around 1PM Monday, and by 11AM Tuesday, they'd already released him from the hospital and sent him home, far too soon, we think.  He was in pain and nauseous.  He has an appointment with his surgeon on Friday, to check his progress.  My father will be taking him.

Speaking of my father, he is deaf no longer.  He finally got his hearing aids, one for each ear.  It set him back well over four grand, but with insurance he'll be getting $1100 back, leaving the total payment of $3400.  He says it's amazing, what he can hear now- the rustle of his pants, the stirring of a spoon, the sound of himself peeing.  I told him he could have left off that last part, but I'm glad for him otherwise.  This means I won't have to shout at him to be heard, and perhaps he can listen to the TV at normal volume.

Earlier tonight, I addressed the envelopes for the invitations to my mother's unveiling.  We'll mail them out tomorrow.  It's set for Sunday, Decemebr 9, at 12:30 PM.  My sister was supposed to host the reception afterwards, but she can't, because her boyfriend will be recovering from his second surgery at that point.  My uncle can't either, since his house is filled with a Christmas tree and lights and all of that chazerei.  His wife is Catholic, plus his mother-in-law and brother-in-law live there, too.  It's funny, Mom hated going over there during Christmas time.  So did my grandparents, when they were alive.  They all thought that since my aunt had agreed to raise the boys Jewish, they didn't think it was appropiate to have a Christmas tree right there in the living room.  The in-laws had a separate apartment upstairs, the brother-in-law has a separate apartment in the basement, and my family seemed to think that either of those places was a better place for the tree.  To be honest, I don't completely disagree with that.  Chanukah gets so overwhelmed by Christmas.  I like to think that people who are being raised Jewish could stick with their traditions.  The tree as just a festive holiday decoration theory doesn't work for me.  My sister did that, when she was still married, and my mother was horrified.  She refused to step foot in my sister's apartment when the tree was up.

Anyhow, Dad and I don't want to host the reception, either.  The house is a mess.  Dad and I are not the best housekeepers in the world, for one thing.  We did finally clean the toilets, but with 5 cats, there's always hair on the furniture, and litter being tracked on the floor.  We keep up with it best as we can, but it's sometimes a losing effort.  Our landlord doesn't take care of the outside of the house, either.  The garden is covered with weed, enhanced by litter, and they still haven't fixed our hanging rain gutter (the one Frankie fell off of when he went missing).  They also haven't replaced the glass in one of the panels near the front door.  Our landlord's previous boyfriend punched it out to break into the house.  They nailed up some wood and tape, but it looks terrible.  We don't need other people seeing us living like this.  So we're just going to go out to a restaurant after the ceremony.  We did that after my grandmother's unveiling, and it was an easy, much less stressful way of handling things.  Also, I really don't expect to see too many people there, anyhow.

On a less dour note, did anyone catch last night's Nip/Tuck?  John Schneider had me in stitches!  Maybe not intentionally, but still...

Also, I adore Project Runway, and I like a number of the contestants this year, but all of those tattoos are driving me to distraction, especially Sweet P's.  I know a lot of people on my friends list have tattoos, and I respect their choice to get them, but I never would, in a million years.  They can be removed, but it's costly and painful.  It really seems like once you get them, you're stuck with them forever, and I would not want my body to be covered with all of that ink.  At least piercings can be taken out, and the holes will close up!  The only tattoos I've ever really admired on anybody are the one on David Boreanaz's wrists.  They're so subtle, that I actually like them.

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wow, lots of stuff happening in this post!

I can not believe they're sending your brother-in-law home like that! Medical care in this country is scary anymore.

I can imagine just how glad your dad is to be able to hear again--I had to laugh at his thrill at being able to hear himself pee, lol! What is it with fathers that they have to try and share all this stuff as they get older? I'm constantly warning my dad off. "TMI, Pop--TMI!"

Say, with the tattoos! I have tattoos, very subtle lovely tattoos, one is of Washington Crossing the Delaware, with George Washington in the, kidding!

I know, they couldn't keep him at the hospital for one more freaking day! Ridiculous, really.

My father is big on the TMI. Huge! I know way more about his bowels then I ever wanted to know, and really, I didn't want to know anything about them to begin with. My sister pointed out one day that whenever someone in our family gets up to go to the bathroom, we announce where we are going, we never just walk away. And she's right, so I suppose I can't complain too much about Dad.

I would pay cash money to see you with tattoos, sweetie. Maybe right on the front of the breasts, like Eve?

Sure, only they'd be more like giant bear paws rather than dog paws on my boobs.

I don't understand the whole tattoos on the boobs thing. Imagine when you're 70 and they're hanging down to your ankles!

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