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Cards and Other Stuff

I still have a bunch of Christmas cards, if anyone's still interested- 35 to be exact.  When my father went to the store today, I told him I was short 5 cards, and asked him to pick me up a pack, which he did.  A forty pack.  On the plus side, they're really lovely.  And I love sending them, so please, if you haven't yet sent me your address, do so.  Here's my e-mail address:  

In less cheery news, my mother's unveiling is tomorrow at 12:30.  I'm not exactly looking forward to it, though I'm supposing I'll be relieved when it's over.  Going to visit her grave on Mother's Day was traumatic enough.  Seeing the headstone there, with her name and the dates on it is bound to be worse.  Still, it's time, and I have to do it.  Maybe it will be cathartic.  I've been dreaming about her a lot lately.  I still miss her so much.

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I'm sending you warm thoughts re: the unveiling. Tomorrow happens to be the 8th anniversary of my mother's death, so we'll both be thinking along similar lines. At least from my experience the immediacy lessens, but you'll probably still think about her a lot, and randomly.

Thank you, Karen. It's going to be a sad day for both of us, it seems.

I'll be thinking of you today. *Hugs*

Thank you so much, Carol. I hope you're at least feeling better. *Hugs*

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