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Cards, Cards, Cards
My first cards of the holiday season came today (excluding the Chanukah cards, which came much earlier in the month)! So, I have to send out some big thank yous.

Thank you to jackiesjunkie , suzvoy and meek ! for your lovely cards. They truly made my day shine very brightly. And all of your cards are on the way, too- I had just got back from mailing all of my cards and gifts when the mail came, delivering me these wonderful surprises. I'm truly blessed to have friends like all of you!

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I really loved it, Suz. *Hugs Gently* Hope you're doing well- I read about your little slip and fall.

I'm fine, thank you :) *snugs*

I'm glad to hear it- I was worried about you! *Snugs back*

Yay! Glad you got it :) Merry Christmas :)

Thank you so much, Meek. (I have to tell you though, that I don't celebrate Christmas. I'm a Chanukah!) But I love holiday wishes, and yours are very much appreciated!

Hope you had a nice Chanukah!


I did, sweetie, thank you. Chanukah officially ends tomorrow, but I think we'll keep the menorah in place for a while longer. *Hugs*

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