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Cards and Stuff
First off, thank you to mkitty3 for the beautiful card, with the gorgeous J2 manip inside. It really brightened up my day, sweetie.

Unfortunately, my day desperately needed brightening. After two frustrating weeks, my new printer was finally supposed to arrive. I called HP to double check, and found out it wasn't coming at all!  I didn't send them the warranty validation or something.  I explained to them the first time I called, in November, that the printer wasn' t technically bought at all-it was a trade for American Express points.  The woman I spoke to assured me it was no problem, no need to send anything.  The person I spoke to a week later said the same thing.  And if  I hadn't called just for the hell of it today, I'd still be sitting and waiting for a delivery that wasn't coming!

Anyhow, I got the American Express statement from my father, ran off to the local mini post office to fax it, and now they're supposed to call me back within 24 hours and let me know what the deal is.  There are no words for how truly annoyed I am right now.  Thank God for the lovely holiday card- it was the only thing that made me smile today.


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