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What a cop out!
There are no words for how disgusted I am with the producers of As The World Turns today.  I sit through day after day after day of terrible storylines (Katie/Jack/Carly/Brad and Meg/Paul/Rosanna/Craig, to name just a couple of annyoing things), and when they finally show Noah and Luke, they don't even bother to show the kiss!  They don't fade to black with any of the other couples.  

I'm very disappointed, with the show, CBS, Proctor and Gamble, whoever is responsible for this.  They can show adultery and prostitiution and baby selling, but a simple kiss between two young men has to be cut?  Shame on all of them.

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I tried watching ATWT a bit in the past two weeks and pretty much all I ever saw was either about Carly and her man issues and Rosanna and Meg and *their* man issues. There was some wierd baby thing going on too, but I really wasn't paying that much attention.

I remember during the whole thing on All My Children where Bianca came out as a lesbian, they were really hit and miss with handling it too, and the last time we saw her before she left the show, she was on her way to hooking up with a man who wanted to be a woman. Or something. And they wrote the girlfriend of hers that *didn't* get killed off out by saying that she slept with a man. Lesbians on soap operas are clearly not consistent. *shakes head*

It always irritates the hell out of me that soap operas aren't showing more gay/lesbian romance. And you're absolutely right, fading to black on something so innocent as a kiss is incredibly lame, especially given the practically soft-core porn quality of the sex scenes a lot of the time.

I read in the Noah Luke LJ community that Proctor and Gamble is behind all of this nonsense. I don't know if it's true or not, but I imagine they must be feeling leery about it. I guess right wing Christian types have more power with them then the regular viewer. Noah and Luke consistently come in first in the best couple from ATWT poll, and they're igonoring that. It's incredibly frustrating, considering what does get past the censors.

I was excited about watching the show today but found out about the infamous mistletoe pan and lost interest. I'll watch the YouTube clips eventually, but there's none of that gottaseeit! mentality that I had this past summer. While I'm glad they're showing a healthy, mature, caring relationship between the two, it all falls flat if there's not much physical evidence to even it all out and make it seem real. What a shame. :(

I was waiting all damn episode for the kiss, and then just as their lips are about to meet, we get an eyeful of mistletoe instead. I can't even begin to say how disappointed and disgusted I am.

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