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Thanks and Sister stuff
First off, thank you to vampsarecool for the wonderful card! Have I mentioned that I love getting cards?

Second, I spoke to my sister last night. Between her insurance company, and that of the woman who hit her, she'll be getting about $50,000 as a settlement. It will be minus a third, for lawyer fees, but it's still a nice chunk of change, especially since her boyfriend is still healing from his accident, and is getting barely any money at all from disability. She wants to use some of it to pay off a particularly bad credit card debt, and Dad and I both think she should put a big chunk aside for rent. After all, who knows when her boyfriend will be able to go back to work.

Dad suggested, to me, that she use some of the money to start paying him back all of the money he's given her. Fat chance, I think. It probably didn't even occur to her. Still, with this money in the bank, maybe she won't be hitting Dad up for cash, at least for a while. That is definitely a plus.

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Your welcome and I hope your sister makes the right decision for all that is involved. *hugs*

Whenever you go to a financial consultant, the very first thing they tell you to do is get rid of your credit card debt, because it is the most expensive money you ever bought - the interest rate is ten times inflation rate, so debt repaid over time is a huge drain on your financial health.

My suggestion is that she lighten her debt load and if she wants to, she can put aside three months' rent for hard times.

She works in finance, so she probably knows all of that already. My father thinks she should put aside a good six months rent. Her boyfriend was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, and even with the surgery to reconstruct his shoulder, there's no real way of knowing how well he'll heal, and if he'll be able to go back to work anytime soon.

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