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Last night's Smallville and Supernatural really left me unexcited on both fronts.  Surprisingly, I thought SPN was worse than Smallville, and that almost never happens.  I was pretty spoiled for Smallville, so nothing that happened was a surprise, but it was a fairly enjoyable though somewhat bland hour.  SPN was even less appealing.  Believe me, that was a huge surprise.

Though it's embarrassing to admit it, I'm more into One Tree Hill right now.  I'm really enjoying the new season, and I've been having marathons of the previous four.  Go figure.  I don't have season 4 on DVD yet, but I might get it tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a big shopping day for me.  I have four (yes, FOUR) coupons for Borders, and two for Barnes and Nobles.  I think it's going to be A LOT of fun.  I can just lose myself in a bookstore for hours, and now I have two to wallow in.  Happy, happy day, I hope.

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Ack, that's a bummer to hear about SPN. I always look forward to that show (I think I'm just sort of 'blah' when it comes to SMV these days), but if SPN wasn't good, well, meh. :( I was thinking about downloading it, but I'd rather not spend $2 on a lackluster episode.

There were a couple of important developments, and for those reasons alone, it's probably worth your downloading time. It was just the rest of the episode that left me all blah.

Hmmm. Maybe I'll still give it a try, then. :)

You get to look at two really pretty guys for almost an hour. That's definitely a plus.

You didn't like last night's spn? I'm surprised! I thought it was really good. Some very intresteing new plot developments! What didn't you like about it?

PS: When Clark finally breaks up with Blana and hooks up with Chloe, let me know. I will probably watch again. heh

Well, Lana just learned that she was sleeping with Bizarro Clark for the last month, and he was a much better boyfriend than Clark, so hopefully a breakup is imminent.

I'm not sure why I didn't like it, when I really think about it. I just didn't. It was interesting to learn about Ruby, and sad to know that there's no way to get Dean out of his pact, but for some reason, the episode just left me cold. I can't really explain it.

Huh. I missed both SV and SPN last night, so I guess I'm relived to hear that they sort of sucked. Anything earth-shatteringly important enough for me to try to get them somewhere else? *Wonders*

And woo bookstores! Bookstores are awesome.

Grant, aka JUlian, confessed his identity to Lionel, and was soon murdered in a street mugging arranged by Lex. Lana learned she was "rocking the casbah" with Bizarro.

On SPN, we learned the truth about Ruby, that she was a witch hundreds of years ago who sold her soul. And she confesses to Dean that there is no way to keep him out of hell. So that was a little boo-hoo.

Double Yay! for bookstores!

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