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Does anyone really want to read this?

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Birthday Wishes and Bookstores
First off, Happy Birthday to a longtime LJ friend, bittermint ! I hope all of your wishes and dreams come true this year, sweetie. Have the best birthday ever!

Spent several hours browsing the bookstores today. I had about six different coupons, so I ended up with five books (3 historical non-fiction, 1 current mystery, and I'm also counting the mystery I bought yesterday at BJ's). Plus, I bought One Tree Hill, season 4. I've been in an insane OTH mood lately.

My father came along, and bought two huge coffeetable books, one on WWII and one on Vietnam. He better not try to lift them at the same time- he'll cripple himself! 

So, it was a very nice afternoon- I hope all of you guys had a great day, too!