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Does anyone really want to read this?

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Holiday Wishes and Other important stuff!
Happy Valentine's Day! This is not really a great holiday for me, being single and all, but to all of those on my friends list with very special sweethearts, I wish you the best Valentine's Day ever.

My day was brightened by some virtual gifts on my user info page. Huge thank yous to carolandtom and frodobagginsz for their thoughtful and lovely presents. I'm so lucky to have friends like you!

In other good news, I've actually heard some good things about tonight's Smallville, mainly on the TWOP Canadian thread, so I'm looking forward to that. Supernatural sounds pretty good, too. I hope it is- I've been a little underwhelmed with the show lately. Thank God the writers' strike is over. I here we should be getting some new shows come March.

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That's sweet of you, sending out holiday wishes. And randomly, I love the font on your icon!

Aww, thank you. I can't take any credit for the icon, though. Either lasy Valentine's Day or the one before, someone was secretly making Valentine's icons and giving them out to LJers. I have no idea who the maker was, though I presume it was someone on my friends list.

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