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Birthday Wishes and other stuff
A couple of wonderful ladies celebrate their birthdays today. Happy Birthday to emrinalexander and treetracer , two of the best LJ friends a girl can have. Both of you are so kind and sympathetic and helpful, and I'm so grateful to both of you for your friendship over the years. May you both have the best birthdays ever, filled with family, friends, love and amazing gifts! 

I enjoyed last night's TV immensely.  Both Smallville and Supernatural had wonderful episodes.  In fact, I think this was the best episode of SPN's season.  Thank God for huge miracles!  Now I just have to watch Lost, which my father taped for me.

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OMG! SPN SOOOOO GOOOD!!! :::squee::::

My favorite part was when Sam repeated Dean's insults word for word. "Sam Winchester cries during sex." Also, when Sam told the waitress she needed to work on her aim.

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