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Anyone else watching "New Amsterdam"?  I really enjoy it, and the lead actor Nikolaj whatever his last name is not only great to look at, but a very good actor as well.  I like the way the story shifts back and forth between the present and the past.  Very intriguing, I hope it comes back next year.

Amazon is having a sci-fi TV DVD blowout sale.  Half off such series as Buffy, Angel, Roswell, The X Files, and a few others.  I ordered season 2 of Angel and season 1 of Roswell, so now my Angel and Roswell collections will be complete.  I still need a bunch of BUffys, but I decided to skip them for now, forty bucks is enough money for me to shell out on things that aren't really necessities.  I ordered a few books earlier this month (two by Mary Renault, a couple of of others), plus I got a couple of things for my father.  If Amazon should have another sale sometime down the line, I'll stock up then.

I have yet to identify where the two screws that fell from my computer desk actually belong.  I think the desktop is a bit wobbly, so that might be one of them.  I'd have to turn the desk over to check, and I really don't want to do that.  My sister is coming over Saturday, before Dad's "date", so I'll ask her to look.  She put the desk together in the first place, anyway.

Also on the TV front, did anyone else watch The Tudors?  It was an enjoyable hour.  It looks like they're going for a more serious drama this year, instead of all of the frilly parties and dresses.  That's okay, maybe it will be more accurate.  The one thing about knowing so damn much about an era, like I do about The Tudors, is that the errors are so glaringly obvious, and it's a real distraction. 

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I saw an episode or two of New Amsterdam. I actually really liked it. I hope it's doing well! I thought it was kind of cool and enjoyable to watch.

Hey- I just posted in your LJ! Talk about timing!

I just don't want to get attached to a show that isn't going to be around. It's happened before, and it always depresses me.

that's my thing about new TV shows, too. I got semi-interested in Journeyman, then was so disappointed when it was cancelled. So I'm trying to be more nonchalant with the new shows. I guess my only "brand new" show I'm hard-core about is Chuck. The others are into their 2nd seasons and beyond, thankfully. Because you're right; it is really disappointing to get drawn into a show, then hurt when it's gone suddenly, or without a fair chance.

I watched a few eps of Chuck. It was okay, but nothing I got attached, too. I didn't care for Journeyman, though. Which is a good thing, I guess, since it's gone for good.

I liked "Chuck" because it was sort of quirky. I'm looking forward to it coming back in the fall; at least, it was, last I heard. And Journeyman was good, I thought - maybe a little slow at first, but toward the end, it was getting better. But, not all shows catch on and / or get a fair chance these days.

Journeyman seemed like a poor man's Quantum Leap. It just didn't appeal to me.

I can see how you'd think that. I remember, I was worried about the premise. I didn't think it would hold my attention at all, because of the idea behind it. (And yeah, I was a Quantum Leap fan, that's one of the first things I thought of when I heard of Journeyman at first.) I dunno though, I think if it had aired at another time (in general, like when the time was right, I should say) maybe it would have caught on. But I dunno, I tend to fall for the lost shows - Journeyman, Firefly, etc. *sighs* It's a fatal flaw. lol

And of course, everyone has their shows, their type, and what draws them. It's perfectly understandable to not like everything on TV. I'll never, ever watch a single episode of Ugly Betty; I refuse. But I know people who adore it. I just, I shudder at the previews. *laughs*

I don't watch Ugly Betty, either. Most of my friends list watch BSG and SGA, and I can't stand either of them.

I taped Firefly when it first aired, but didn't really watch it. When I finally did I feel madly in love with it, and got the DVDs. What an amazing show.

Ohhhh, BSG. *drools a little* Talk about a gorgeous show. I totally respect that you aren't into it, but it just, wow. I didn't expect to fall for it. I thought I might sort of like it, but I fell, head over heels, for the plot, the images, the characters, the mythos. But it seems to be either a love it or hate it show for most. Stargate, eh, I liked the original show, never watched Atlantis.

Firefly is made of many things brilliant. It's my show. It doesn't even have to be on my Top anything list; it's ABOVE the list. :D

I'm afraid I might like BSG, which is why I'm not watching it. I've made a stand and I'm sticking to it. I really can't afford to get addicted to any more shows.

Well, this upcoming season is the last season. You could do what a friend of mine does - wait until it's over, and then give it a try. She hates getting into a show, getting addicted, worrying about it, then waiting in between seasons, so she cuts out of all of that. I've tried and tried to get her to watch Supernatural, but she insists that she will, once it's come to its end. Guess that's good enough for me. :)

IMHO, BSG really is a tremendous show, though true, probably not for everyone.

The whole political angle reminds me of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which was one of my alltime favorite shows, ever. Maybe I will watch it someday, but I'm just not interested as of now.

And may Supernatural never end!

And may Supernatural never end!

I know, right?!

I need to watch, and catch up before it comes back from hiatus, if I can. Though who knows, since now I'm back in the Gilmore Girls groove. :D

I hated Gilmore Girls. Lauren Graham is the most annoying actress I've ever seen. Just looking at her makes me cringe.

See, I was okay with her, though Lorelai actually wasn't a character I got that attached to. I think I liked Rory (her daughter) better. Though, I haven't seen Lauren Graham in anything other than GG that I really liked. I didn't find her annoying on the show, just, she wasn't my favorite characters. I think my three favorites were Rory, Luke, and Jess. (I don't know if you watched enough to know who everyone is or not.) I kind of adored the show though, fell out of watching it for awhile, but I finally collected all the seasons. Though, I did hear that s7 wasn't that great.

Anywhos. :)

I know who the characters are, I've watched a few eps, but it just wasn't my thing. But young Jared was so adorable, wasn't he?

He really was just TOO cute. Now he's matured and he's quite handsome. But then he was so adorable and sweet. I really enjoyed his character. But then again, I've always liked Jared. :D

I like the way it shifts back and forth too. I wonder how historically accurate it is, but not enough to actually do the research myself.

I tend to believe that the little asides (why the buildings are only six stories, for instance) are probably true. Stuff like that would be easy enough for the writers to learn.

Anyone else watching "New Amsterdam"?

*raises hand* I am. I've been talking about it on my LJ, even, which surprised me in the sense that I didn't think I'd enjoy it so much :-) It's not one of my favourite shows or anything but I really like the show and the characters. Need to download the latest episode, actually *off to find download*

I find it pretty enjoyable, too. Like you, it's not at the top of my list, it's not SPN or BOnes, but it's still a nice way to pass an hour. I really hope they bring it back next year. Good luck with your download!

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