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It's Mother's Day!

To everyone who celebrates, I hope you had a truly wonderful Mother's Day.  I know I did, which is a little bizarre, since it started at the cemetery.

Dad, my sister and I went to the cemetery to pay our respects to Mom.  We brought her some roses, and said the mourner's kaddish.  After we were done, we were going to go out to lunch, but we stopped at the Borders right by the restaurant first, so I could use my 30% off coupon that was about to expire.  They didn't have the CD I was looking for, so instead I picked up a book I had been thinking of getting.  This led to me picking up another book and a couple of magazines, while my sister, who now apparently reads, picked up a healthy eating guide called Skinny Bitch.  Yes, that's what it was called.  Apparently it turned her friend into a vegetarian.  Then Dad decided he wanted a couple of coffee table bargain books about the World Wars.  Our short stop at the bookstore turned into a good forty minutes, which is fine with me, I could live in a mega bookstore like that.

We went to lunch right after, to a Cheesecake Factory in the mall next door.  It was uber crowded, and when they gave us the beeper they told us close to an hour's wait.  But then we saw several seats available at the bar, where a couple was already eating, and we asked if we could sit there, and they said sure.  I don't know why anyone else didn't sit there, the chairs were really comfortable.  I had sliders for the first time (very yummy!) and a delicious broccoli and cheddar soup that was amazing.  Then we came home and I needed a nap, because I was very tired!

It was a really lovely day.  I was dreading it more than a little, as I usually do any holiday that makes me think of my mother, but it was really a pleasant surprise.  We talked about Mom quite a bit, which wasn't as depressing as I usually find it.  We all miss her terribly.

Also- Dad had dinner with his friend Carol last night.  She mentioned to him that oh, by the way, she's a lesbian.  He wasn't really surprised.  They're still going to get together.  Dad told her he'd be her designated straight male partner.

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Also- Dad had dinner with his friend Carol last night. She mentioned to him that oh, by the way, she's a lesbian.

Oh no!!! :-\

Is the place called The Cheesecake Factory? I wonder if it's the same one out here. Is the menu like a book? I swear it takes like a half hour just to read through the damn menu! There are way to many choices there!!! :-P

Glad you had a nice day. :-)

I'm sure it's the same restaurant, it's definitely a chain. I went to one in Florida, too. Huge menu, and we just ate appetizers!

It was a really lovely day, Heather. I hope you had a nice one, too. IM me if you want to talk!

*HUGS* I'm *so* glad you had a good day!

*Hugs back* Thank you, Roxy. I hope your baby girl made it a very special Mother's Day for you!

I'm glad to hear that you had an okay kind of day. :D

Thank you, sweetie. It was more than okay, really. If my stupid gingivitis hadn't started up, it would have been one of the greats.

The Cheesecake Factory's great, but I agree with you about the menu! Of course, since I usually stick to the Santa Fe Salad or the Spicy Cashew Chicken, that makes things much easier.

And I love your dad! "Designated straight male partner" indeed! *g*

The Cheesecake Factory's menu is more like a huge book than a menu. So many choices, but it was lunch so we stuck to the lighter things. But I really want to try the orange chicken next time we go.

I'm glad Dad accepted this so easily. It wasn't a huge surprise to him, not really. But I've already told him that if he and Carol are going to be friends, he needs to lighten up on the homophobia. No more "Ellen DeGenerate" jokes, for one.

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