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Dental Drama, part 2: The Medicine
Okay, a question for my friends: have any of you ever taken Tetracyclene?  That's the oral antibiotic my dentist proscribed, and while there are a lot of rules about how and when to take it, the side effect list worries me more: Diarrhea, nausea, rectal issues and black hairy tongue!  There are more, but those are the ones that stand out to me.  I've never had a problem with any other antibiotic, so I'm hopeful I won't with this one, but I have to admit, these symptoms make me worried.

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I took it eons ago, back in high school when I had all my wisdom teeth removed. I don't remember having any awful side effects. OTOH, the painkiller they gave me knocked me on my ass for days.

I haven't noticed any side effects yet, so I'm hoping everything will be fine. I don't want a hairy tongue! (I'm not too keen on rectal issues, either.)

I took tetracycline for ages for acne and never had a problem (well, with side effects -- didn't seem to do a lot for the acne).

That's good to know. I've taken 3 pills so far and I haven't noticed any symptoms yet, so I'm hoping everything will go fine.

Hi, random I know. I was just scrolling friendsfriends (probably and luke/noah connections) and saw this post. I just wanted to throw out there to remember not to take this with food. Especially dairy!!

Thanks for the info. I did read that in the packet. It said to take the pill either an hour before you eat, or two hours after, so hopefully there won't be any side effects I have dairy after. But I usually don't eat dairy when I take the pill, now that I think about it. Better safe than sorry.

Don't you love all that Nuke kissing lately? Please God, let this week see the end of Ameera, too.

I know it's random but that is what stuck with me from Pharmacology class. Tetracycline--black hairy tongue, do not drink with milk. I think that milk actually decreases the potency and effectiveness of the drug because something to do with iron. --- not that you really want a Pharm lesson. :-)

The Nuke kissing has been so awesome. I'm torn between wanting the actually have a more physical relationship or taking the slow, romantic pace. The hand play while they were reading the letter in yesterdays episode was so much better than some crazy wham, bam thank you ma'am stuff like chris and allison do on the show. Cause according to the rules of soap opera-dom sex=immediate relationship problems.

Though, who would object to more shirtlessness. I totally agree that Ameera needs to bounce and Nuke need to have a new plotline... like their new apt or taking their relationship to the next level or something.

I don't think there's such a thing as too much information when it comes to the medication I'm putting into my body. I'm already on a lot of medications to begin with (I'm diabetic), so the more info the better. I really appreciate it.

I've noticed something about the Nuke. We either get kissing, or we get half naked, but we never get both at the same time. It's like if they're kissing with their shirts off, they must be getting ready to have sex, and that just can't happen, it will offend the delicate viewer sensibilities. Jeez, I don't hear any complaints about ex-hooker Emily having sex with her former lover's son in her office!

I'm going to add you to my friends list, if you don't mind. The more Nukers I know, the better!

I don't hear any complaints about ex-hooker Emily having sex with her former lover's son in her office!
Especially when said former lover was like what up let me come on in and chat about my son's half brother I have with you while my son does things to your legs.

Ah, soapland.

Thank you for the add! I'm totally going to add you back. After all there is no such thing as too much Nuke. I think that I have an updated About Me post a few entries back if your curious.

I've read that Tala Ashe (Ameera) has been let go. Thank God! I wish they had brought her on as the Colonel's illegitimate daughter or something, it would have been nice for Noah to have a family.

I've read your user info already, but I'll check out your posts, too. Welcome!

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