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Family Stuff
Today would have been my parents' 39th wedding anniversary.  My father seems okay, not really sad.  But then again, we haven't really talked about it.  I hope he's okay.  And next week, on June 1st, my dad turns 65.  Wow.  We're going to take him out to our favorite Italian restaurant.  I've ordered him some DVD series he wanted (NYPD Blue),  and of course my sister sprang for the plane ticket for his upcoming Florida trip.  

This was always an expensive time of year when my mom was alive.  Mid May was Mother's Day, then their anniversary on the 25th, then Dad's b-day on 6/1, then Father's Day.  Dad will actually be home the day before Father's Day, which is good.  I like to see my dad on his special day.

I hope everyone has a happy Memorial Day tomorrow.  I might be going to my uncle's, he's still deciding if he wants to have a barbecue.  Whatever you do to celebrate, have fun!  

ETA:  Just heard from my uncle, the barbecue is on.  My sister and her boyfriend will be coming, and they'll be bringing their new dog, Rambo.  He's such a sweet animal, but I'm curious to see how my uncle's dog Kumar (my uncle's name is Harold) reacts.  That dog of his does not stop barking, ever!

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I hope you have fun, too, Andi!

Thanks, Ash. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Umm, how long before you move to Brazil?

Oh, prolly not till Jan or 2009 or so, Andi. We're going there on vacation soon, though, yay!

You'll still be here for your birthday then, I take it.

Hee. Yes!

You're too awesome for words!


Well, I need to know where to send the mail stripper. He shaved his head just for you! (And maybe he shaved some other parts, too. Who knows? But perhaps you should send Mr. Hunter out on an errand, though.)


Are you kidding? Misterhunter will happily watch AND tape, hahahahaha!

You REALLY have the best husband, ever. EVER.

Per my last comment, it's "male", not "mail". Doh!

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