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More Family Drama
Dad spoke to my sister today.  She's in Florida until tomorrow.  She left her cat, Storm, with us for her trip, because she was afraid the boyfriend wouldn't take care of her.  When Dad told her today that he'll bring the cat with him when he picks her up at the airport, she asked him not too.  Dad told her that she's not fitting in here at all, she won't leave the bathroom, hasn't eaten, is growling and hissing at the other cats when they get near the bathroom.  She doesn't want to bring the cat home, and she finally told us why- her boyfriend actually picked up and choked the cat!  More than once, actually.  This last time the cat scratched him, and this is how he reacted.  Now she's afraid to leave the cat alone with him.

I can't blame her for that.  And I feel horrible for both my sister and the poor kitty.  What's going to stop the bf from hitting my sister when he gets ticked off?  She says he has a doctor's appointment this week, so maybe it's a step in the right direction, but it's a huge risk for her.  She doesn't want to go back to living with the boyfriend, so she may stay with a friend.  Hopefully another friend will take the cat.  I feel petty complaining about the cat being here when she's going through so much, but I can't help it.  Dad is leaving very early Tuesday morning for a 5 day trip to Florida, which  means I will be taking care of  SIX cats by myself.   (This includes the cat she previously dumped on us, who is voicing his upset with the new girl by pooping on the living room floor.)  I feel terrible for her and her predicament, but this is unacceptable. 

Also, we are having a heat wave here in New York.  It's supposed to be near 100 degrees tomorrow.  I hate the heat!

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That right there is something that scares me about the violent chaps. I always think that if some guy got violent with me, I'd step up to the plate and hurt him good, even if he had to take me out to get him off me. But if he harmed my cat I would - I don't know what I would do. I might not be able to save the cat, and the hopelessness would tear me to pieces.

I hope your sister continues to make inroads into getting this relationship sorted out. IF he's going to hit her, he needs to be gone.

She wants to get out, but money is an issue right now. She should be getting a settlement check from her accident, but it might be a little while, and she isn't sure she can afford a move. Staying with a friend might be her best option. Dad invited her to move back home, but she doesn't want to come back to Brooklyn. Can't say I disagree with her on that one.

I hope the bf will get some help, but I think my sister should leave before it's too late.

Sorry, for the heat and you having to take care of six cats. That totally SUCKS. Your sister definitely needs to stay away from that guy! Big time loser!

I hope she'll be able to leave him soon. He doesn't sound like someone you'd like to keep around.

So do I, sweetie. So do I.

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