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Birthday Wishes and a cat update
First off, Happy Birthday to the wonderful mrbig1316! It's been many years since we commented about an awful Antonio Sabato Jr. movie on a mutual friend's journal, sweetie, but you're still as wonderful and fascinating as you were back then! Have a fabulous birthday, filled with friends, family, love and spectacular gifts!

On another positive note, my cat Max seems completely recovered from his overheating yesterday. He's doing all of his usual activities- eating and drinking, peeing over the side of the litterbox, and biting off his fur. He's normal again! Thank you to everyone who commiserated with me and offered me such wonderful advice. (Especially teenygozer, I'm definitely going to look into that allergy thing.)

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I'm so glad your kitty is okay. :) Why does he bite off his fur though? :-\

Some of my online friends think it could be some kind of allergy. My vet thinks it's a psychological thing. I guess we really don't know. I wish we did- bald may be beautiful on some people, but it doesn't work on my cat!

YAY for a recovering Max! Pore wee mite.

He's completely back to normal. Well, his normal, which probably isn't all that normal, but it's him! Thank you so much, sweetie, for all of your advice and comfort. *Huge hugs*

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