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Does anyone really want to read this?

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Florida update

The move is still on, but perhaps not to the condo we really want.  Our mortgage broker down there says it's way overpriced, there's no way she should be charging more than $200,000.  She wants 240, but a previous offer was 221 was rejected, by her for being too little, and by a mortgage company, who wouldn't pay so much money for that unit.  Dad will be going down on July 14 for another visit.

We were sent the listing for two more units in the same development.  Both are cheaper, no more than $176,000, and in one of them the owner is willing to pay the community dues for the first year.  That's $6000 dollars, not exactly chump change.  We saw pics of the interiors of the two apartments, and they do seem every nice.  The only thing about it that bothers my father is that they're 2 bedroom instead of 3, and that the second bedroom, which would be mine, is 12 by 12, which he thinks is a little small.  It might be a little smaller than the second bedroom in the first unit, but when you're talking about saving $70,000, I think I can live with it.

So, Dad will be gone for three days next week.  He'll be meeting with several different people.  The aforementioned mortgage broker and his real estate agent wife, another mortgage broker who's married to my sister's close friend (and ex sister-in-law), and a real estate lawyer recommended by aunt, with whom he'll be staying again.  I think the lawyer is a good idea, we should have someone who's completely working for us, and not just looking to make money off a deal.

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Cool! Are you excited about the move, Andi?

I'm starting to be. I wasn't at first. I hate hot weather, and I detested the idea of moving someplace where it's hot all year long, but the prospect of a new start is starting to excite me. I could use a change, that's for sure. And Dad is so happy and exctied, and I haven't seem him like this in such a long time, since way before my mom died.

Oh, that's great to hear, my friend!


So before we know it, we'll both have to send out new addresses!

I'm so afraid of packing. Not moving, packing! I have 20 years worth of crap here, and I've been a hoarder since way back then. This is going to be a nightmare!

I hear you! Over here is the more we move, the more we hoard, lol!

The last time I moved I was 14! That was probably much simpler, I didn't have nearly the amount of crap I have right now.

FLORIDAAAAAAAAAA! whereabouts are you looking to live?

South Florida, in Palm Beach County. The places we're looking at now are in Boynton Beach, close to my aunt in Boca and my father's best friend in Delray.

no way! my aunt and uncle have a place in delray, which i try to go out to once a year! it's so gorgeous there, omg. :D

are you excited about the move and everything?

Somewhere between excited and resigned. Florida is a beautiful place, and I've enjoyed my visits there, but I've never wanted to live somwhere that's hot all year long. But Dad is more excited that I've ever seen him, and I don't want to stay here in New York alone, so off I go.

Hey no kidding! The community dues will kill you, Andi! So if the owner's willing to pay that for a year, that's a damn good deal. My only concern would be...why? Is there a reason he's trying to get rid of it so quickly, you know?

I'm with you about the smaller bedroom; if it saves that much money, it's more than worth it! Will this place allow all the cats?

The couple selling the pricier unit is moving into assisted living- she's 83, he's 87, and neither of them are in good health. One of the other people is moving back to New Jersey to be with her family.

They allow cats, though I doubt they'd allow 6. We'll have to lie about how many, and then be discreet bringing them in. We don't take them out, thank goodness. I hate lying, but unless my sister takes back her two cats, which is very unlikely (about 100% unlikely), we don't have much choice.

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