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We've Made a Deal!
So, we agreed to a price on a house.  Not a condo.  A HOUSE!  It's in the first community we looked at, Palm Isles.  It's 14 years old, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large kitchen, dining room, living room and screened in (but not roofed) patio, plus a 2 car garage.  Dad keeps calling it the devil house though- the house number has 4 digits, and the last 3 are 666!

It's partially furnished, but we'll have to fill in all the blanks ourselves.  I've never decorated a home in my life, so it's all new to me.  My Aunt Ellen, who lives in Florida for about 2/3 of the year has offered to help.  She's really excited, Dad says.

Pricewise, the house started at $350,000.  Then they lowered it to $250, and that's when we first saw it.  Through his agent Dad has been negotiatiing, and he finally told them flat out he would go no higher than $225.  They agreed to that today.  So we'll be getting the contracts very shortly, and then I guess Dad will head over to the bank.  He's already been pre-approved for a mortgage, so I guess they just have to figure out the details.

The couple selling the house (on behalf of one of their widowed parents, who used to live there) want to close by September 15, but Dad would rather close on Sept. 30, which I would prefer.  I've barely begun to clean out the crap in my bedroom, and there's so much more to go.  I need the time.  Plus, we need to get rid of all the old furniture, we're not taking any of it to Florida.  We'll evaluate what's already in the house, and then buy new stuff.  Dad wants to buy all new TVs, the digital wall kind, and when I was talking about having to hook up my computer once we get down there, he told me he wants to buy a new one for me.  Wow- I'm just flabbergasted.  Also scared.  I keep thinking I need to check out when all the fall TV shows start airing- I can't miss my shows!

So, we'll be off within a couple of months.  so frightening, and so exciting at the same time!

P.S.-  Got  a haircut yesterday.  Now my hair comes down to only the back of my neck.  But it's still long enough to put up, which I like.

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If I'm this excited by your news, I know you must be over the moon. You're right, though, six weeks definitely doesn't give you a lot of time to basically shut down one life and prepare to start a new one. Even that September 30th closing date seems just around the corner.

What's your sister's reaction been to the news that you and your dad are pulling up stakes and leaving? Do you think she might eventually join you there?

As for the fall TV shows, if you're worried, let me know which ones you watch and I can always tape them for you. I don't have Tivo or anything fancy like that - just a plain old VCR - but as long as you have something that will play back the tapes, I'm happy to do it for you. :-)

First of all- thank you! I also use a plain old VCR! I thought I was the only one left!

My sister has been pushing for this move for a long time. She even has a good friend who lives down there, in Fort Lauderdale. But I don't think she has any real inclination to move, at least at this time. But I have to admit, I keep wondering why she's so gung ho about this- she relies on Dad so much, how is he going to help her out when he's so far away?

September 30 does seem awfully close, doesn't it? It's really not that much time. I also just realized it's the day after my birthday. I don't want to spend my birthday on the road!

YAAAAY!! Congrats to you guys, Andi, so happy for you!!

Thank you, sweetie! It's so exciting. And kind of scary!

Yay that's great news!

Thanks, Cris. It's very exciting, and also very scary, I must admit.

Congratulations! It sounds like a great house. Good luck with the move!

Thank you. I'm so excited and nervous!

By the way, I just started reading some of your Star Trek:Enterprise fic at the Warp 5 Archive. I really loved Deception and Splintered. I'm a total Trip girl.

I really loved Deception and Splintered. I'm a total Trip girl.

*g* Thanks! I am pretty sure that Deception was the first longer fic I wrote. I liked writing both of those (I was a fan of Reed in particular!), and I'm really happy you enjoyed them!

Wow Andi, wow! So you've officially got a house, good for you! *swings you around* And don't worry about the devil numbers--you know better than that, right?

All new stuff for you. I've never really decorated a house either; we've always lived in apartments where we hang stuff on the walls, but that's about as much change as we're allowed to bring about. I'll keep you guys in my prayers in the coming months, because it's not going to be easy getting everything ready. And it's going to be hard to leave the old place too, methinks.

How long was your hair before? The new length is exactly what I prefer as well. Just long enough to put up, amen to that! I hardly ever wear my hair without some sort of ponytailer or headband in it. It drives me crazy when my hair's in the way!

I moved here when I was 14, and it really wasn't decorating, we just moved our old furniture to the new apartment. This will be completely different. The whole idea of moving unnerves me,it's been so long since I've done it. Not too worried about the devil thing, though. Mostly I think it's funny.

My hair is normally this length, but it grows fast, and unfortunately, out. It's pretty curly. It was going down past my shoulders, so it was time.

I guess I'll miss this place, but to be honest, the neighborhood is not great. I'd like to be able to go out after dark without worrying about my safety.

I always welcome your prayers, sweetie. Thank you so much!

Oh, my hair's the same except not curly. It's so boring, but I'm grateful I don't have to deal with frizz! And now that I'm older it's this dirty blond color that isn't exciting at all. Blah.

I absolutely hate moving. Hate it! Change sucks! lol But this one sounds like good change and I'm excited for you. I know it's scary; when I moved to Las Vegas ten years ago, it was the first time I'd moved away from my hometown. I was terrified. But we get used to the new things and learn to love them. I know you will, too.

Thanks for the reassurance, Kellie. I have to admit, I'm getting more and more nervous. As we speak, I'm downloading the contract.

Wow, congratulations on the new house! It is both scary and exciting and it seems to be happening so fast, I mean, September is so close!

Good luck :-)

It's really close! And I'm certainly very nervous about it, I must admit.

Thank you for your good wishes!

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