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Birthday Wishes and Florida update
First off, Happy Birthday to talitha78! You're such a wonderful friend, sweetie, such a kind and generous person. Have the best birthday ever, filled with family, friends, love and amazing gifts!

In Florida news, Dad officialy signed the deal on the house this morning. The papers have already been overnighted to Florida. Now we just have to choose where we want to get our mortgage from- Dad's regular bank, or an independent broker in Florida. Dad will talk to his lawyer in Florida again tomorrow, see what he thinks.

Amyhow, the closing will be on September 15. Dad will fly down for it, and will arrange a thorough house cleaning and painting, so it will be ready when we come down. We figure that we will move in on October 1. The plan is for my sister to take off work. Dad will rent another car, her friend Kari (who lives in Florida) will fly up, and they'll drive down in that car, while Dad and I drive in ours. Then we'll return the car in Florida, and my sister will fly home. It's necessary to have two cars- we can't fit 6 cats in our Camry. We'll leave the 29th, and do the trip in 3 days, with two stopovers, one in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, the other in Savannah, Georgia. With Dad's arthritis and back problems, we can't do the trip in one night like we used to.

This means, of course, that I will be spending my birthday on the road. Oh well, who cares, I'm not too thrilled about turning 36 anyway.

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Wow, I know I'm a little behind on your journal, but that's cool that the move to FL has come through! Yay that ya'll have a place waiting for you!

It's a really beautiful house. Mostly furnished, too, so we can take our time redecorating. I have to admit, I'm quite nervous about the whole thing- I haven't moved in 20 years!

Oh, I think whenever I eventually move, I'll be nervous too, having grown up in the house I'm in now. So that's natural, I'd say! But that's so cool that you're moving into a furnished house; I'd hate to think of it being bare and ya'll having to rush to get things set to right!

The people who bought it are just taking two couches, and some knicknacks and paintings. We'll probably want to replace quite a few things, but at least we can take our time doing it.

Well, at least it'll be a memorable birthday. I'm sure you'll never forget it. lol

Sounds like a big process to get everything squared away, but you do what you gotta do to make it work. I sure hope your sister doesn't somehow flake on you. It's official now, congratulations! And a hug for the anxiety. *hug*

Thank you, sweetie. Would you like to see the place- I can send you the link for a visual tour. I just need your e-mail address, I'm not sure I have the correct one.

Andi, I'd love to see the place! Could you send the virtual tour link to my work e-mail address?

I'm really excited and happy for you and your dad. :-)

I'd love to send it to you. Is that the e-mail address I usually use for you? I think so, so I'll send the link to it now. If you don't get, just let me know.

Thank you so much for the good wishes!

You're welcome. I hope you had a great birthday!

Oh, I'm excited for you guys, Andi hon!


Thanks, sweetie. I can e-mail you the visual tour of the house if you like.

Oh, it is gorgeous, Andi! Spacious and bright, and the glass brick in the bathroom won me over, I love that!! Congrats and I hope you guys (cats included) are happy, happy, happy there!


Thanks for showing it to me, btw!

Thanks, sweetie. I still haven't seen it in person, but it does look amazing in the tour. I hope it's a place we'll be really happy in.

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