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House Stuff
The inspectors were at the new house yesterday, and everything is pretty much fine. The biggest problem is that one of the burners on the stovetop doesn't work, and so the entire stovetop will probably have to be replaced. In the grand scheme of things, it's not such a big deal.

There are a couple of little things, some tiles that need to be fixed, stuff like that. The structure is sound, the air conditioning unit works fine, everything else works. So Dad will be going down next month to sign off on everything. After some thought, he went with the private mortgage company instead of the bank. He thought the bank officer was a little confused, and I tend to agree. First he sent us the mortgage document with the wrong address. Then he resent the e-mail, but forgot the attachment with the actual mortgage papers. So, we'll have a fixed 30 year mortgage. When Dad passes, I guess I'll have to take over the payments. Fortunately, my inheritance should cover it.

I'm downloading the papers from the community association as I type. They have a lot of rules. A LOT. I'm most concerned about the pet clause- we might have to fudge a little, which I don't like doing, but we can't exactly abandon our pets, either. Of course, if my sister would take her two cats back, it wouldn't be a problem. (But she won't.)

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Did the insp. check the insulation? Believe it or not, this is the second house (the first in NC was a brand new constr.) that didn't have any insulation whatsoever. EEK.

How's your sister doing, Andi? Why won't she, cause of the bf?

Still so excited for ya!


The insulation checked out. Everything looks good.

Because of the boyfriend, mainly, but also because they're probably happier here. There's always someone around, they're not alone all day. At least I think that's her reasoning.

Thanks, Ash. Welcome home!

Associations are horrible about rules! Good luck with that. But your dues are covered for the first year, right? That will be a help. Just be careful, because they're nosy as well--as long as your cats are indoor, you should be fine.

The list of rules was about 18 pages long, although it did include the forms that Dad had to fill out and send back. He wrote we have two cats, so we're going to have to be sneaky. They're indoor cats, of course, but I'm sure some of them will want to go out on the patio. We'll have to be careful.

I don't even remember if the first years dues are covered or not. There've been so many properties and so many real estate agents, I can't keep anything straight anymore!

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