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Moving Update

The guy from the moving company came over today.  His estimate for the job is $3200.  I have no idea if that;s good or bad, but my uncle says it's kind of high.  So Dad will contact some other reputable moving companies, see what they would charge.  If we do go with this first guy, we might have to change our plans slightly.  They'd pick up the boxes on October 1, and we would leave for Florida on the next day.

Speaking of boxes, our living and dining rooms now look like one of those fancy English hedge mazes- if it were made out of cardboard.  I packed up all of my books tonight, except for my Tudor themed ones.  Though I did pack a few of them, there's still a lot of them to go- about 50!  Plus, I have to pack up all of the manila envelopes I have filled with my favorite fanfic stories.  I hate the idea of doing that- I just know I'll get an urge to read a particular story right after I pack it!

Dad went out last weekend and spent almost $7000 on new TVs and stands and a couple of VCR/DVR machines.  He got a fifty something inch for the living room, a 37 or something for his bedroom, and a 30 inch for my bedroom.  We'll also bring down my current bedroom TV, a regular sized one, for the den, which is probably where I will be keeping my computer.  We've already arranged for Direct TV, phone, water and electric, but we still need to arrange computer service.  After we leave NY, I am done with dialup forever!  Forever!  I can finally get high speed internet and download vids and watch Smallville and Supernatural previews like everyone else!  I'll also have a shiny new computer to go along with the new internet connection- Dad wants to get me a new machine once we get down there.  I feel kind of bad about him spending all of this money, but he wants to do it.  I won't lie and say I don't want a new computer, because oh God, do I, but I really don't need one of those huge, flat TVs.  My old one if just fine with me.  But we're starting new lives in a new place, and Dad wants all new stuff.  

I'll tell you guys, packing is exhausting.  I still have to do my clothes (of which I don't have much at all), and my music and video tapes and DVDs.  That will be a big job, too- I'm not looking forward to it.  I hate packing!

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YAY!!! No more dial-up! I remember how exciting it was to get high speed after living with dial-up in Las Vegas. At first I was like, "Ah, it's not so different." And then I used dial-up again at a friend's house, It IS different, but you don't realize it until you try dial-up again.

You're like me, we have tons of books and movies and CD's, but not a lot of clothes. When I have extra money, it goes toward fun stuff, not boring clothes! And shoes? Please. I have one pair of each: sneakers, work shoes, slippers, sandals, and dress shoes. That's it. Who needs all those damn shoes? lol

Keep us posted, Andi. I did notice that you're still not posting much, but part of that is because it's the off season for TV. That's about to change, though. Will you be watching "Smallville" with me, I hope? Some of my buddies aren't planning to this season, and I'd miss talking about it with you. I'll be watching "Supernatural" as well of course. Hang in there, it's a huge project to move, but once you're there you can take your time.

Hey, what are you doing about the job situation? Looking for one in FL?

I have two pairs of sneakers, one pair of nice sandals, some really flimsy flip flops I use as slippers, and one pair of nice black shoes. I just don't have much in the way of clothes at all. Like you said, I'm more about the fun stuff.

I will watch Smallville until the very end. Always. I am now and forever in love with Tom Welling, and I will never give up on any show he is in.

I honestly don't know what I'll do about the job situation yet. I'd like to get one eventually, but I really want to do is go back to school. It's been a while since I've been in a classroom, but it's my dream to go back.

I have this weird feeling about you moving. I felt like we were neighbors, in some bizarre way.

Gotta say, even with the pain of moving, wow--you certainly are getting some rewards--niiiiice!

Our states are neighbors- me in NY, you in Jersey. You're one of my closest geographical friends. And you're right, there are certainly some rewards coming along with the move. I just want to get the whole thing over with already. I loathe packing, I'm not looking forward to two or three days in a car (I'm the Queen of the frequent pee breaks), I just want to be there.

I haven't been able to read some of your posts so I didn't even know you were moving to Florida! I think that's really exciting! It's a thrill to start a new life in a different place and it seems that's exactly what you are doing. I'm happy for you!

Packing is really tiring but once you get used to it, moving can even be addictive. It happened to me when I moved five times in two years. I ended up enjoying it!

Please, keep us updated.

Yep, we're off to Florida at the end of the month. It's definitely a new start, one I'm still not completely sure I want. But God knows my life here is the pits, so something new might do me a world of good. I know it will for Dad, he's so happy and excited about all of this. He's been so down the last couple of years, with my mom's illness and passing, he really needs a new start more than anyone.

I pray to God this is our only move. I find nothing addictive in this, just annoyance! And considering all the money we're spending, I don't think we could afford to move anywhere else!

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