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It's Official- I'm almost a Floridian!
So, we now own a house in Florida!  It was a little touch and go for a while.  First our mortgage broker said there were problems with the mortgage company- they wanted another insepction, they thought the house wasn't worth the price, etc.  So Dad went to his bank and started the process there, with a lower rate, to boot.  Then hours later the original broker called and said the closing was set for today after all.  This led to lots of confusion and anger and yelling.  Dad decided to go to Florida yesterday as planned, and see what happened.  What happened was that the mortgage was ready today, at the time it was supposed to be.  Dad signed the paper and gave them the fees and now we (well, he technically) own the house.

The previous owners didn't take all the stuff they were supposed to.  They wanted the rugs, the couches, and the objects d'art.  Oh, and the crappy patio furniture.  Dad said fine.  They took the rugs, nothing else.  They also left TVs, VCRs, and a computer.  Also, they cleaned almost none of their personal junk out.  They gave Dad money to make up for it.  Dad's friend's wife arranged for her cleaning lady and the woman's husband to come and clean and take all the crap out.  The power is on, but not the cable and the water.  Dad still wants to stay over tonight.  Whatever, if he wants to pee and not flush, it's on him.  He has a million appointments tomorrow, everyone is coming- the painter, the repairman, the water department, who knows what else.

So, I'm excited.  And scared.  There's still so much packing to do, and I'm not great at doing it myself.  I'm not as motivated without Dad standing over me yelling.  And it turns out that even with his back problems, he's still much better at lifting the heavy boxes, and getting the stuff off the high shelves.  Also, there's a moth flying around the house.  They scare the bejesus out of me, and I need him here to kill it.  (He told me he found a salamander in the new house.  Wonderful.)

So, Florida here I come.  The moving truck comes Sept..30, and we're leaving the first of October.  Goodbye, Brooklyn!

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Thank you, Suz. *Hugs*

*hugs* I'd help if I was closer. You'll have to send me your new address when you get settled.

I will, absolutely. I'll gather the e-mail addresses for the people I'm close to on my friends list, and mail out my new address. I decided against doing it on my LJ, even in a locked and filtered post, just seems to risky.

Good luck with the packing! And good luck moving all the cats! Am I remembering things correctly? Your sister's going to be driving down as well to help transport the kitties?

Thank you so much, sweetie. And yes, you're remembering right. We're going to rent a minivan, and she'll drive that down, so we'll have room for all six cats.

Eeee! Congrats, Andi!!!

Thanks, Ash! I'm so excited. I have to make sure to e-mail you my new address at the end of the month.

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They left their dishes in the dishwasher, too. Who does that?

Wow, you are SO not going to miss winter in the north. I hope the previous losery tenants left some good stuff behind, but if not, there's always Good Will.


God, road trip with six cats. Kill me now, please!

They even left stuff in the dishwasher!

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