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Goodbye New York!
And, I'm off! Well, I'm off tomorrow, about 6AM. Me, Dad, my sister, her friend, and six cats. Dad rented a Toyota Siena minivan, and having ridden in it tonight, I already love it!

We'll be arriving on Thursday night, and our cable and internet should be hooked up sometime Friday. I hope to be back online by Friday night, maybe even Friday afternoon. We'll buy a new printer over the weekend, and Dad says maybe we'll get the new computer at the same time. We shall see.

So, off to Florida. Wish me a safe trip, everyone. Talk to you again from Florida!

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Safe trip! And happy new home!! *hugs*

Good luck, sweetie, and have a safe trip. I'll be thinking of you, especially since you'll be so close! *hugs*

Thank you, Maddie. I don't even know exactly where your town is, compared to where we'll be passing through in Georgia. Not that we would be able to stop, Dad has us on schedule, but it would have been nice to.

Safe journey and a world of happiness in your new home! *hugs*

Thank you so much, Chris. I wish we had been able to meet, living as close as we did. I won't rule it out, though. Perhaps one day it will happen!

Eeeee! Have a safe trip, Andi babe!!! Best of luck!!!

Thank you, Ash. Talk to you soon!

Have a safe trip love! *hughug*

I did, Roxy. *Hugs and loves back*

All the best and have a safe trip.

Thank you, Karen, I did.

Happy trails! Hope the drive is safe and uneventful.

And before I forget, you did see your birthday card on my LJ, right?

I think I missed the card, sweetie. I'll go directly to your entry to see it. Thank you so much!

Safe journey, Andi, and belated birthday greetings! Wishing you and your dad (and the cats) much happiness in your new home. :-)

Thank you, Karen. It was a safe trip, though there were a couple of snafus. Fortunately we all got here safe and sound, though the cats are still hiding under my bed!

Safe trip, my fellow ex-Brooklynite!

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