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House Stuff
We bought some furniture for the house today- almost twelve thousand dollars worth!  I got a new bedroom set, featuring a bed, with headboard and footboard, expensive mattress, dresser with mirror, nightable and two lamps.  I can't do the link thing, but I can send you an e-mail of exactly what it looks like, at the Rooms To Go website.

We got a new leather sectional couch, with built in recliners and sleeper sofa, a single recliner, a firmer solid chair, a rug, and a new mattress (a $3400 Seeley Posturpedic with a 20 year warranty) for my father.  I can't believe he spent so much, but he's really serious about getting all new stuff for the house.  We were supposed to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond afterwards, but we were at the furniture store for about 3 hours, and we needed a break.  Plus, my sister wanted to spend a little time at the pool before she flew home.

She left late this afternoon, so now it's just me and Dad.  Tomorrow is a simple enough day (grocery shopping, post office), but Wednesday we meet with the condo association.  Thursday is doubly busy- the movers finally come, hopefully in the morning, and Comcast comes in the afternoon to set up the cable again, this time the right way, hopefully.  Friday is also free, and Saturday is the furniture delivery.  The painting crew, who did such a great job, want whatever furniture Dad is getting rid of.  Also, Terri, our furniture saleswoman, told us of a family shelter that would come and get the stuff, too.  So hopefully there won't be a problem getting rid of all the old stuff.

So, that's what's up with me.  Florida is hot, and quite rainy this week, but my father is happier than he's been in a long time.  I guess I'm happier than I was in Brooklyn, too.

ETA:  The movers just called, they'll be here by noon tomorrow!  That was fast!

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It does, doesn't it? I couldn't believe Dad wanted to spend that kind of money, but he's really serious about everything being new here. He's the most generous person I've ever met.

Glad to hear the move and settling in is going so swimmingly. The new place sounds fabulous and I hope living there is better than your wildest forecast.

Thank you so much. I hope so too!

WOW, new everything! You should have a party!

What are you going to do down there: new job? Or is lounging by the pool going to be your specialty?

I'm not much of a pool lounger. I like to swim, but once I'm out of the water, I'm ready to leave. A job is on the menu eventually, but what I really want to do is go back to school.

You are living an exciting adventure! I'm glad you are feeling happier in Florida. Oh, and I'd love to see that bedroom set!

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