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I'm back!
Three frickin days without my internet!  I was going crazy!  Apparently there was a problem county wide, and when it was resolved, my modem wasn't reset or rebooted or whatever the hell it does!  I've been so lost without you guys!  Did I miss anything good?

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We had Columbus Day off! Nice day, too. All autumnal and sunny. Also, I understand Sarah Palin said something silly. Who would have thought?

Sarah Palin said something silly? I don't believe that!

It was horrible and rainy here yesterday. Not a great Columbus day down in Southern Florida.

Hi! Tell me what I've missed on ATWT, please- I haven't watched in two weeks!

Ohh! What's your internet connection like? There are clips of Nuke on youtube.

Good now, I can watch! I forgot all about downloads. Thank you, Suz!

Just me worrying about you! This morning I was thinking of ways I could possibly contact you! Don't leave me again! :::Clings:::

I won't! *Clings back*

Oh, good to hear back from you, Andi!


Missed you, Ash! *Hugs* Hope all is well in Brazil. (You are there, right?)

LOL! I know, even I have trouble keeping track! :P

I'm in Brazil, yeah! Thanks, babe!

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