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Just an update

I'm really not doing any better with the regular posting, am I?  I'm so sorry!  So I'll just do a general update, for those who are interested.  (It's okay if you're not, it's probably kind of boring.)

First off, a very old friend, that I really only knew in person for one summer, when we were 15 year old  camp counselors together, found my sister's Facebook page, and asked her to contact me.  In these past few days we've been e-mailing and talking on the phone, and it's been amazing.  I forgot what it was like to have a friend like that (not that my online friends aren't AMAZING, I love you guys so much!).  But she and I were so close- we agreed on EVERYTHING, from our New Kids on the Block Love, to what you should do when someone is walking on the same path as you- should you move to the side to let them pass, or should they let you pass?)  That last one was dumb, I know, but it was just an example of how well we got along.  After that summer we saw each other every once in a while, Sweet Sixteens and a bar mitzvah, and  a ton of phone calls, but it's really been so long.  she even started an LJ so she could comment on my journal- how cool is that?  And it turns out their in-laws live in a development right near here, once that we actually looked at before picking this place, so she'll be down here eventually.  We'll actually get to meet again!

I've noticed how excited everyone is about Obama winning the election.  My response was MEH.  I don't like him, not that I liked McCain either.  And I can't even say how much I hate Palin.  The funny thing was, I wasn't even able to vote this year!  The cutoff date for Florida registration was the day after we got here.  Between the two days on the road and the heat and no air conditioning and trying to set up a house, no one was even thinking about voting.  We found out just a week or so before the election, when we were at the DMV.  The clerk there told us we might be able to vote, since we were now registered, but she was wrong.  I'm going to try and be hopeful.  Obama's inexperience worries me deeply, but I want to give him a chance.  I think I'm probably still bitter about his knocking Hillary CLinton out of the election and that's why I dislike him, to be honest.

The clubhouse here has big shows on Saturday nights.  THey have a huge theater, 600 seats.  Dad and I went Saturday.  First, they sent him home to change- no jeans allowed.  He told me to just wait there, so I did.  And it was...odd.  I was the youngest person there, hands down.  And once the theater filled, it was 599 seniors and me.  I need to get a social life outside this place, I really do.


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