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Birthday Wishes and Smallville stuff (and a little SPN, too)
First off, let me give some MOSTLY on time birthday wishes. Happy Birthday to two wonderful LJ ladies, vampsarecool and cyberwitch13666 (I'm one day late, sweetie, I apologize)! May you both have the best of birthdays, filled with family, friends, love and amazing gifts!

Now, onto the Smallville section of my post. I know some people have been really enjoying this year, and others have been hating it, but I'm firmly in the love camp. The show hasn't been this consistently good since season one, in my opinion.

Tom Welling has been absolutely amazing this year. He finally gets to play a fully grown up and mature Clark, a man who's interacting with the greater world, instead of sticking with one small town, and he's showing some real acting chops. (PLus, how amazing does he look in those suits? Wow!) And I am loving his chemistry with Erica Durance. I've always been a Clex girl, despite my intense dislike of Lex (and sorry to you MR fans, I don't miss him at all), but I am now crazy about Clark and Lois. I haven't been this into a het pair since Buffy and Angel! If I were going to go slashy, though, I suppose I'd go with Clark and Ollie- they have some pretty decent chemistry, too.

I'm feeling a little less love for Supernatural. I sometimes liked it better than Smallville, in the past couple of years. I still love it and watch it religiously, but I'm just not as attached to it this year, I don't have the emotion invested in it that I used to. But Jensen Ackles still rocks my world, he is far and away the best part of the show, and I will, of course, keep watching.

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I'm amazed by how much I'm loving Smallville this year too! After watching the show through my fingers for the past couple of seasons, this is a welcome change. While I do miss MR, I don't miss the way TPTB used to beat up on Lex. I just wish KK had left a season sooner!

And yes, TW's not only amazing, but absolutely gorgeous! It's about time they let him comb his hair off his forehead and look like an actual adult. ;)

To be honest, I wish KK had left about five years ago. She brought the show down, and I am not pleased with the prospect of her returning, even if it is for a short amount of time.

I don't miss the more recent Lex. I actually do miss classic Lex, from the first couple of year, back when he and Clark were friends, and so close. He was an amazing character back then, and his scenes with Tom were always so wonderful.

If Smallville continues this strong this just might end up being my favorite season.
Clark is amazing this season, so much more grown up and independent and heroic. And Tom looks fantastic in new suits. And I get this feeling that he's having so much fun finally playing Clark like this, and to be at the Daily Planet. And him and Lois are amazing. I love the bickering and hidden emotions that are growing stronger with every episode. ♥ The show just feels refreshed.

Refreshed is the perfect word. Or reborn, maybe. It's like a new show, in some ways, where the characters are mostly away from Smallville and living in the real world.

And oh my God, I can't say enough about how great Tom is. His acting has been wonderful, and those suits make me drool! I've always been a proponent of naked Clark (and still am), but those suits come in a close second. Or maybe third, because Wet Clark is pretty amazing, too!

SV has been kicking ass this year!

Absolutely! Kicking ass, taking names, a whole bunch of other overly butch expressions that I can't remember!

I agree completely..I've been loving this season a whole lot, and while I've never really warmed up to Lois or ED, and I don't really care for the Clois, there's so much more about this season that's just been pitch perfect. Tess is an AMAZING addition to the show, I adire what's going on with CHloe this year, and Davis? Wow. I didn't expect to care al] lick about him at all, but his story, and his chemistry with CHloe? Off da hook!

KK, we hardly missed ye.

There's no hardly in missing the KK. How about we wish she had gone years ago, damn it! THis season is proof how much better the show is without her.

Well, I guess we're supposed to be glad that Krikpe made a point of Sam not being a rapist, but it was still a little icky.

You're welcome. I hope you had a great birthday!

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he is far and away the best part of the show, and I will, of course, keep watching

YES. Especially since he is taking off clothes in the next episode.

Yes, I am shallow NEKKID

How did I not know about the nekkid thing??? Can't miss that!

I think the preview showed sexy time. OMG I just realized that nekkid comment was possibly a spoiler. I'm so sorry.

I love spoilers, no problems with them at all.

I agree with you about Tom, of course! He looks better than ever and his acting is wonderful. And, like you, I'm not missing Lex at all! As for KK, I must confess that I wish she didn't return, though I hope they give a proper closure to the Clana relationship that's not detrimental to Clark.

Tom looks happier than he had in a long time. I hope the writers/producers don't let him (and us) down.

I'm loving SMV this season! With the exception of a -few- things, it's been an excellent season so far. Also? Clark and Lois are so adorable together!

I am loving the Clark and Lois this year! I was so disappointed when they didn't kiss in Bride!

I KNOW~! They were so close to kissing! :/

And then stupid Lana shows up! Damn it, don't they know how much we hate her?

Can we say, worst timing EVER for Lana to have shown up?! GRRR. I will say, I was VERY glad to see her having grown up some and her telling clark that she didn't need him.

I think the fact that Clark actually accepted that made up for a lot.

There's been a lot of moments and reasons this season that I've been really proud of Clark for. He's shown a lot of growth, but with the mindwipe of Chloe, I think, imho, he proved that he still has a fair way to go.

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