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Birthday Wishes and other stuff
First off, I apologize. I have been a terrible LJ friend, not posting and barely commenting. I'm in a strange place right now, I guess. I'm having a lot of problems with my health insurance (as of this moment, I have NONE), and to say it's depressing me is an understatement. In spite of that, I've actually been a little busy, going to lectures and shows, and Monday is my first book club meeting. I'm a little excited about that, there's nothing I love more than talking about books!

I also must wish a Happy Birthay to the wonderful theninthdoctor, aka the marvelous Craig from Kryptonsite. I appreciate what a wonderful job you're doing keeping us all up to date on everything Smallville, and I hope I've mentioned that before. I wish you the best birthday ever, filled with family, friends, love and amazing gifts!

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I'm sorry your health insurance isn't working out. :-(

That low cost program I told you about just sent me a request for more information, so hopefully not all hope is lost.

Thanks for your concern, sweetie. I really miss talking to you.

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