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Good news!
A day that started out pretty crappy has ended up pretty damn good after all! Where to start>

Well, the crappy part was when I tried to sign on the computer around 1 PM, and it wouldn't work. After a long call with Comcast (my service provider), they concluded there was nothing they could do. And they would have to send a repairman- on Tuesday. TUESDAY! Damn it!

Then, good things happened:

1)A card from jackiesjunkie. Thank you, sweetie!
2) I heard from the county health department, and I qualified for their free medical insurance program, for at least a year. And my new doctor's office is right behind the Super Target, aka two blocks away! I could walk there. And the co-payment for my prescriptions is only one dollar! I don't know if this includes my Januvia, which is ten bucks a pill, but paying for that won't be as much of a hardship if the other prescriptions are covered. One bottle of insulin, smaller than my pinkie finger, costs $100. Unbelievable.

3) For the hell of it, I decide to try using my computer. And the internet works! (Obviously)

4)I get some really interesting news from the TV Guide website. Guess who's playing Sylar's father on Heroes? I'll give you a hint, he's a Magnificent Bastard we all know and love!

5)I get to see the Smallville and Supernatural eps I missed during the move. I'm particularly excited about SPN- In the Beginning! Young John and Mary!

So, now I'm cheerful. I hope it stays that way.

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Yay! Congrats on your health insurance!

Thank you, sweetie. And congrats on your test score! I have to sign off now, time for dinner, but maybe we'll be able to chat later tonight (after SPN, of course!).

Glad to hear you got health insurance. :)

As for Heroes, I'm almost tempted to start watching again, but this season slayed me with boredom so I'll probably just read recaps once John shows up.

Thank you, sweetie. IT's such a huge relief. I never thought I'd be excited about going to the doctor!

I've barely watched Heroes at all this year. I'll probably plan to watch it, then change my mind at the last minute. Or I'll tape it and fast forward through every scene that doesn't have John Glover in it.

Great news about the insurance! *hugs*

In the Beginning was a wonderful ep!

Thanks, Maddie. I feel a lot better now that I know I can actually see a doctor and get a real check up. I never thought I'd be so excited about going to the doctor's office!

And you're right, In the Beginning was a great episode. Amazing, really. Worth the wait.

You're welcome! *huggles*

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