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Help, Please!
I'm having serious computer problems. The speed has gone to slower than my old dial up connection, I can't download videos at all, and trying to enlarge a thumbnail pic can take 15 minutes! And it's only getting worse. Plus, it's got very slow reaction time, and it's constantly freezing.

I could really use some advice. I already ran my internet security's comprehensive scans, which showed nothing. I spoke to a guy from Dell Tech Support. He thinks it might be a virus, maybe spy or adware, doesn't know for sure. He wants me to put the computer in "safe" mode while they do something at their end. The thing is, that solution comes with a nominal fee- $130! That's not what I call nominal. I suppose I may not have any other options, though. So I'm asking you, my fellow LJers, to give me any advice you have. I would really appreciate it.

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If it's a virus, maybe something at this post will prove useful:

Thanks, sweetie. I'll check it out.

Do you have Zone Alarm? You need to clear out those reports.

I suggest "FolderSizes" to see what's going on where and then a trip to Major

I used Zone Alarm, SUPERAntiSpyware and AVG Antivirus, all of them the free versions you can download online. I can get you the URLs if you need them.

I hope you figure this out and squash it soonest!

I'd love the links, sweetie. Thank you. I just hope they'd work. I tried to download some other anti virus thing someone recommended, and it came back that the file was corrupted and wouldn't open. I'm afraid I might have to purge the whole damn machine.

Zone Alarm (free)

SUPERAntiSpyware (compares free and limited-time-try-out version, you can pick the one you want--I have the free version)

AVG Antivirus (compares free and not-free versions, I have free version)


Thanks! I'll try them out.

Thanks, Suz. I tried to do it yesterday, but I couldn't open the file. I got a pop up saying the file was corrupted. That's happened on every file I've tried to download since this started. I'm trying again, though.

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