Does anyone really want to read this?

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My computer is...fixed?
Strangely enough, it's completely back to normal. When I signed on around 10:30, the modem wasn't working. So I unhooked everything, then rehooked it all back together, and waited. And when the modem was working again, so was the computer!

I think, when I was unscrewing one of the cables, I noticed it was a little loose to begin with. Could that be the reason my connection didn't seem to be working properly? It seems logical, that a loose wire could cause a slow connection. Doesn't it?

I have no idea. Does this make sense to anyone?

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Sigh. I feel like an idiot. This is what happens when someone with absolutely no technical skills at all tries to work with a machine.


OMIGOD, isn't it a colossal relief when it's something EASY? Scully once took a jump off my keyboard and squashed one of the F keys up top such that my computer kept constantly rebooting itself. It took me a few days to drag my IT buddy in to look at it and she figured it out instantly. I just didn't see it!

I'm so relieved, I can't even say it! Our neighbor knows a computer tech who will come to the house to look at it. I don't know how much he charges, and now, hopefully, I won't have to find out!

What a relief! It's wonderful when things that look complicated turn out to be really easy to fix. I'm happy for you!

Thank you, sweetie. I'm so relieved!

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