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A mini family reunion
My father's oldest brother (he's 76) and his wife flew in today from NY. They're staying with his and Dad's younger sister, who lives in Boca. It was really nice seeing them. THey loved the house, which they got to see since Dad picked them up at the airport, and brought them back here first.

After an hour or so, all four of us want to my aun'ts development. I hadn't seen it yet, and I was amazed. Awed. I've never seen so many mansions in my life. One after another after another. They were huge, and beautiful.

We went to the clubhouse first, to meet my aunt there for lunch. I thought the clubhouse and cafe we have here was very nice and beautiful, and it is. But her clubhouse and restaurant was, well, unbelievable. Waiters in ties and elegant outfits. An amazing buffet. They'll actually chop your salad into little bitty pieces for you, if you want. And if you don't want the buffet, they have a huge menu. The whole thing was just amazing. I think my aunt and her husband pay something like 5 grand a year for the clubhouse. It's worth it, even the bathrooms were incredible.

After lunch we went back to my aunt's house. First you pull in through the front gate, into an actual courtyard. On the right is a 3 car garage. On the left is their private pool and hot tub, with this gorgeous patio furniture that looks nothing like our patio funriture. To the side is the guest house. Yes, the GUEST HOUSE. It's really just one big room, a bedroom with a sofa, a small bathroom, and a mid sized closet. My uncle and other aunt will be staying there.

Inside the actual house, it's just amazing. The master bedroom is huge, with his and hers bathrooms. My aunt and her husband each have their own study. His is bigger, but since he's only semi retired, he needs room for his office stuff and his drafting table. There's also, still downstairs, a living room and a den. I thought our ceilings were high, but that's nothing compared to hers. Plus she has all these gorgeous objects d'art, they go all the way to the ceiling, I have no idea how they got them up there, let alone clean them!

Upstairs are two more nice sized bedrooms. The second must be used by her daughters when they visit, since the beds are smaller, and there's a crib. (She has 3 daughters, one here in Florida, one in NY, and one in LA. Her husband also has kids from his first marriage, so there's a lot of kids and grandkids visiting.)

All in all, I was amazed. Dad and I left by a different road from where we came in, so it was more mansions all the way out. Just unbelievable. I probably said that already, but it bears repeating.

The funny this is that the house, which should be worth millions, only cost my aunt's husband $350,000. The previous owner was apparently a heavy gambler, and he took some serious losses, and he needed fast cash. But once they bought, my uncle gutted the inside of the house completely. They redid the inside from scratch. I imagine that must have cost a information. But my aunt's husband is really wealthy. Plus, he's in some sort of construction, so he knows how to get the best workers and products, I would imagine. I'm not sure exactly what he does, something with glasswork or brasswork. I know his company, which he sold a while ago but still has a financial stake in, was involved in building the new Shea Stadium.

So, it's wrong to be jealous, right? We have a beautiful house in a lovely community. But damn it, I want a mansion, too!

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Your aunt's house sounds impressive. But I'm sure yours is lovely. And easier to clean! lol

Maybe you could do one those memes that are going around where people request pics. If you do, I'd love to see your desk, or your closet... I'm sure they are great!

Trust me, you do NOT want to see my closet. There's almost a dozen boxes in there, open but not unpacked because I have no idea where to put the stuff!

We do have a beautiful house. I love it, and I don't really want to live elsewhere. But when I see all those mansions, I just get so jealous!

Your aunt's place sounds fabulous, but I'm not sure I'd want to live there. There's a lot to be said for leaving a smaller carbon footprint and using up less of the world's natural resources.

Then again, if I had tons of money, maybe I'd want a home like that too.

He has 6 handimen on retainer, they come in every month. That's a lot of upkeep, and it's not cheap, I'd bet.

I love my house, I really, truly do. But when I drove by all those mansions, I have to admit I felt a little jealous.

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