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I could use a few prayers from everyone
My father is sick. Late last night he started getting the chills, then he was all hot and sweaty. I took his temperature and it was 102. By this morning he seemed better. We made a quick trip to the market (we have six cats and they have this crazy notion they should eat every day!), and he still seemed fine.

He lay down for a nap around noon. When he woke up at 2, he was sick again. He was shivering so bad that it was uncontrollabe. We got him into some warm clothes, and then I made him some soup, and had him take some more Tylenol. Eventually he started to sweat again. When we took his temp, it was 102.8. I said enough, we're finding you a doctor. He didn't have a GP, so I called his HMO (Aetna Medicare) and they gave me some names.

The second doctor was willing to see him, if we got there right away. It was only a 10 minute trip, so we left immediately. The doctor herself was the nicest, and chattiest, doctor I've ever met. She examined Dad and said he maybe had a touch of pneumonia. She sent him for a chest X-Ray right away (it was fine, thank goodness) and gave him a prescription for an antibiotic. We picked that one up about a half hour ago.

He seems to be feeling better, but the doctor said it could be a while before he's better. I'm so worried about him, I hate seeing him sick. His arthritis and sciatica, which were causing him such intense pain, finally subsided, and now this is happening. So if everyone would just send some prayers or good thoughts his way, I would really appreciate it.

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Thank you. *Hugs back tightly*

Here's hoping he feels better soon. *hugs*

Thank you, Nancy. I just get so frantic when he gets sick, ever since my mom died.

I'll keep him in my thoughts hon. Keep us posted. :::Hugs:::

Thank you, Heather. I'm glad I heard from you- how's the eye?

Not really getting better unless I put the drops in them. I see the doctor again tomorrow morning. I don't know the result of my blood tests yet. Maybe tomorrow. I'll let you know.

Okay. I hope you have some good news. I know I could sure use some.

Oh, I'm sending many, many good thoughts your dad's way, and hugs to you.

Thank you, Roxy. I'm taking all the good thoughts I can get! *Huge hugs*

*thinks lots of good thoughts*

Sending good thoughts to you and your dad.

I know you're in Florida and that I'm up here in Michigan, but I'm told there's something going around. One of our friend's husbands has it and he was on the verge of developing pneumonia when he got into the doctor and got antibiotics. Hopefully that'll work as well for your dad as it did our friend. (He's almost back to normal and well enough to return to work tomorrow.)

The doctor said something was going around. If this is it, I hope we caught it in time. He'll take his second antibiotic at midnight, 25 minutes from now. I hope he'll feel a little better after he has a few pills in him. The problem is that because of his arthritis and all the medication for it, his immune system is somewhat compromised.

Sending good thoughts and saying prayers, sweetie. *hugs* Keep us updated.

Thank you so much, Maddie. I'm such a nervous wreck right now.

*hugs* You and your father will be in my prayers.

Thank you, sweetie. We can sure use them right now.

*cuddles you* Hoping for the very best, hon!

Thanks, Suz. He had another shivering episode early this morning, but he says he feels a little better now, like his head isn't so foggy. I hope it stays that way.

Sending lots of good thoughts your way! I understand, I feel the same way about my mom whenever she seems the slightest bit under the weather. I'm glad you're there to watch over him. *hugs*

I'd do pretty much anything for my father, to be honest. I owe the man so much, and of course, I love him so much. Seeing him like this is making ME ill.

I hope he feels better soon hun!

Thank you, sweetie. This morning was rough, but he's been doing better since noontime. I just hope he stays that way!

I'm surprised the doctor said possible pneumonia; it sounds like a pretty straightforward case of flu, which of course could always develop into pneumonia if it's not treated. Will keep the pair of you (and the starving cats) in my thoughts! *hugs*

I was startled by the word pneumonia, too. His lungs are clear, thank goodness, but it's been rough going around here for a few days. I hope he gets better soon, though.

Thanks, Karen. Always good to hear from you, no matter what.

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