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Dad update
His doctor just called. His white cell count is up, and while his liver is fine, she's concerned about the gall bladder. She wants him to check into the hospital for a couple of days. I guess it's not a bad idea, he still has fever and chills on and off. But I'm still so scared.

He'll go in tomorrow morning. Please, keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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He, and you, are definitely in my thoughts/prayers.


I'll be praying for both of you.

Still thinking good thoughts, sweetie. I haven't been online for nearly a week, but I've been thinking about you. *hugs*

Thanks, Maddie. I was actually just thinking of e-mailing you!

How are you, and J? What's been going on? It's been so long since we've talked.

We're okay. I was offline because I had the sinus infection from hell - - I had a headache for a solid week, intense pressure in my head - - I couldn't read, couldn't look at my laptop screen - - I as miserable! I got an antibiotic and nose spray, and I'm better. Still liking my job, but J's not liking his - - I wish he could find something new, but the economy's so bad here... and he's trying to stay there for another year for the insurance(until my 5th cancer-free year), so I can get insurance again.

I hope your dad's all better soon.

Thanks, Maddie. I'm sorry J's so unhappy at his job, but I sure admire his sticking it out the way he is. A good man, that one.

Try to think of this as a positive thing. He'll be able to get the best possible care in the hospital, where he can be monitored constantly, and they're fully equipped to treat whatever is causing him difficulty. Try not to stress too much, and maybe get a little rest if you can. I hope he's home again, and better, soon! *hugs*

I'm feeling a little more positive now, sweetie. THey're doing some tests, and Dad's in good spirits.

Thank you!

Still thinking of your dad and you. I really hope the hopsital stay helps get everything sorted out.

Thank you, sweetie. I do, too.

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