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Dad Update
It was, in the long run, a pretty good day. It didn't start out that way, though. I spoke to Dad in the early morning, and he was very unwell. 103 degree fever, and he hadn't slept. They took him for an ultrasound on his abdomen, but decided not to do the blood transfusion.

Sometime in the late morning, they took him down for the procedure. They inserted a needle into the liver, and took out 33 milliliters (I think that's what they said) of fluid. They left a drain in, with a little bag attached to hold the fluid that seeped out. Also, he no longer had fever, which is certainly good. I got to the hospital around 2, and he was a little groggy, but while I was there the pain was receding, and he was starting to feel hungry. A doctor came in and told us they would be putting a catheter into his side to reach the liver with the IV antibiotics. He also told us that Dad DOES have gall stones, and will eventually have to have the gall bladder removed, though not right now.

I left a couple of hours later. At 6, I went to dinner with my aunt, second cousin, and some other relatives in town. I actually had a really great time. It was nice to go out and eat good food and laugh for a bit. This Sunday, at 1PM, is a family reunion at my cousin's condo. She lives right here in the development, which is conveinent. Everyone, including my father, wants me to go. I suppose I will, and I can visit my father a little later in the day. Visiting hours last until 8PM anyway.

So, it wasn't a terrible day. And with any luck, Dad will be able to come home on Monday. Cross your fingers, everyone!

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I'm so glad you have family around you for support! I hope your dad comes home soon.

I've been really lucky, having so much help from my aunts and uncle. And Please God, he can come home on MOnday!

Fingers crossed.

Thanks for the update, have fun at the reunion, and hope your dad continues to feel better and comes home ASAP.

I've been away and I just learnt your dad is in a hospital. I hope he gets better soon and can come home next Monday.
I hope you enjoy your family reunion. You certanly need the distraction.

I'm hoping he can come home on Monday, but I don't want to be TOO hopeful.

I hope I'll enjoy the reunion. I don't like the idea of going without my dad, to be honest. I really don't know any of these people, most of whom are quite older than I am. But I was anxious about dinner and had a good time, so perhaps I'm worrying for nothing.

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