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More Dad info
So, it turns out that there's more than one abcess on Dad's liver. The problem is that they don't know if they're separate, or somehow interconnected. Interconnected would be better, this way it will come out of the drain already inserted into Dad. If they're separate, it means each one has to be drained individually. They'll do a CT scan Monday or Tuesday, which means his release is being pushed back to Tuesday or Wednesday.

He looks better, has more color, no shivers, though he still has sleep sweats. He had vomiting and diarrhea today, but they said that wasn't out of line with the treatment. They're testing samples, anyhow. But his fever is either very low, or non existent, which is certainly good, and they've decided the blood transfusion is no longer necessary.

Tomorrow afternoon we have a cousins party at my second cousin Binnie's condo. She's in my development, just a different section, so at least it's not far. Afterwards I'll go with my aunt to the hospital, and later on my dad's friends Eddie and Fredi will pick me up, visit a while, and then I'll have dinner with them. I guess it's better than being alone, which I still get nervous about, especially at night.

I have to say, though, that I've had enough of all of this. I just want Dad to get better and come home already. As much as he drives me crazy sometimes, I miss him terribly. As do the cats, that's for sure. Poor Clyde has diarrhea now, but wether that's in sympathy for Dad, I can't say.

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*giant hugs*

I hope this gets sorted soon.

They'll be looking at the liver again tomorrow. If they see any abcesses, they'll try to epmty them with a needle. Regardless, they seem to want to send him home on Tuesday.

Thanks! *cuddles back*

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