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A Massive Update
First off, a huge thank you to the anonymous friend who left me a four leaf clover on my user info page. Much appreciated!

Then, a couple of belated birthday wishes. I swear to God, one of these days I'm going to be on time with them. I used to always, ALWAYS, wish people a Happy Birthday ON their birthday. What happened to me?

Anyhow, Happy Belated Birthday to suzvoy and mrs_sweetpeach, two absolutely amazing ladies that I completely adore. I hope you both had the best of birthdays, filled with family, friends, love and wonderful gifts!

In more general news:

1)My father is doing much, much better. He's back to his old self almost completely. He's going to see one of the doctors tomorrow. They'll determine if he needs to keep taking the IV antibiotic treatments. He hopes not, because they give him a terribly upset stomach.

2)I have a dermatologist appointment tomorrow, myself. When I called on Monday, I expected them to say "oh yeah, we'll give you an appointment in 3 to 6 months", like they did in NY. Instead, they gave me one two days later. So yay for that, maybe I'll finally get rid of these horrible rashes once and for all.

3)The ABC Family network sucks. They completely suck. They cancel Kyle XY, a sweet show that I've loved from the beginning, without giving it a chance to wrap up properly, but they let drivel like that American Teenager show stay on every week. Are they kidding me???

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Oh YAY I am so glad to hear that your father's doing better!!!

Thanks. He saw the specialist today. He has to keep taking the IVs until the 25th. On the 26th they'll do another CT scan, see if he's completely healed. SO keep your fingers crossed!

Thanks, sweetie :)

Glad to hear about your dad.

You're very welcome. I'm just so sorry I was late!

I'm delighted to hear your father is doing so much better. Good news about your dermatologist appointment too -- I hate it when I call needing to come in NOW and am told there's a many-month's long wait.

Thanks for the birthday greetings. Belated or not, they're greatly appreciated.

Oh sweetie, you're very welcome. I hope you had a special day.

My new dermatologist looks YOUNG. Like ten years younger than me young! (And I'm 36!) The receptionist said he's been there quite a while, though.

"Kyle XY" has been canceled? Oh, that makes me sad. True, I haven't watched it since the first season, but it still makes me sad. I used to love that show.

You used to wait 3-6 mos. for a dermatology appointment? WOW. That's totally ridiculous and unnecessary. Is it because you had to have a referral from your PCP, or what? Well good luck with your rashes, I know how horrible they are for you. *hugs tight*

Good luck for Dad, too. And I know what you mean, I used to always remember birthdays and stuff on LJ, but now since I go days between logging in, I miss a bunch. What's happening to us? lol

They cancelled Kyle XY, and left us with huge cliffhangers. I hate those stupid network people!

Dad's going for a CT scan tomorrow. It will let the docs know if he has any abcesses left on the liver. If not, they'll take out the PIC line on Friday, and he'll be officially well. So say a little prayer for him, please!

I can think of at least 3 birthday wishes I never sent out this week! I used to be so good at remembering the days and saying something appropriate, and now I barely update at all. And it's not like I've lost interest in the computer or LJ, because I'm on every day and I always check LJ first. I just don't seem to have the motivation to update, and I have no idea why.

Oh, and my dermatologist is very nice. He looks VERY young. The nurse said he's been practicing for a long time now, but he looks ten years younger then me. That's more than a little creepy, but he seems to know what he's doing. Or at least I hope so!

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