Does anyone really want to read this?

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Man, I'm such a bad LJ friend.
My friend Kellie (aka stoodupforlove) was all worried about me. She's right, I haven't been posting much at all lately. I need to do better! I will, I promise!

I've been a little busy, but nothing terrible. I'm fine, Dad is fine, thank goodness. We have plans for both Wednesday and Thursday, we'll be celebrating Passover with friends (that's Wednesday) and family (that's Thursday, at my aunt's country club- a REAL country club. I even bought new shoes!)

I know I've missed a bunch of birthdays. So in no particular order, I wish a happy and belated birthday to:


I'm so sorry, ladies. You're all such wonderful friends to me, and I promise, I will do better. Love and hugs and best wishes to all of you.

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OMG a REAL country club? *bites nails* I've never been to one of those! Gah, that would scare me silly. I don't know how to be proper! lol

Again, don't feel bad for not updating your LJ or commenting--you have no obligation to us, and besides, I'm not one to talk; we both know I tend to disappear for weeks at a time. It just wasn't like you, so I was concerned. Have a blast with your family, okay?

Her whole place is amazing. She lives in this place called St. Andrews, in Boca. It's just mansion after mansion after mansion, and a huge, gorgeous clubhouse with a lovely, fancy restaurant. Even the casual restaurant there is fancier than most. I'm not much with the dressing up, I hope I look okay in the end!

It's not an obligation to post, I don't think. I normally do when I have something to comment on or something I want some feedback on. I guess things have been so tame and steady here that I haven't seen much of a reason to post about them. I do feel terrible about missing birthdays, though. It's important to me to wish my friends a happy birthday ON their birthday. I used to be so good at that. Well, I have two friends with birthdays tomorrow, and I'm not going to forget, darn it!

I'm always glad to hear from you, sweetie. Always, and thank you for giving me a little nudge, too. It was what I needed. *Huge, huge hugs*

I'm not much with the dressing up

Ha, you sound like me. I don't suppose we'd be lucky enough to get a picture of you in your pretties?

Probably not. We have a digital camera, but I have no idea how to hook it up to the computer and download pics. I could try, though!

You're welcome, sweetie. I'm so sorry I was late!

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