Does anyone really want to read this?

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I'm such a lemming!
Thanks to an invite code from the always wonderful specialagentldy, I am now officially signed up at Dreamwidth. I'm luvmax1 over there, too, so feel free to friend me. I'll friend you right back- if I can figure out who you are, because I know some people have used different names there.

Sigh. I did mention that I'm a total lemming, right?

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I'm a lemming too! Weeeee! I was afraid everyone would up and move to dreamwidth which is why I went made one.

I'm BatmanFanGirl over there. ;-)

Well, that explains why I couldn't find you! Gonna add you now, sweetie. And thanks again!

I'm gozer over there (teeny no longer!) I whined until I got a Dreamwidth account, but now that I have one, I never bother with it. I'm a bad fangirl!

Yay for no more teeny! I don't expect to really do anything with the account, I just wanted to have it.

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