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Yeah, I'm still alive
My God, it's been so damn long, hasn't it?  I'm just not much into posting lately.  Honestly, I think I've become a total vegetable, I don't seem to have the energy for ANYTHING these days.  I'm hoping it's just because of the whole B12 thing, and that the shots will help me perk up.  I don't feel depressed or anything, just blah.

Let's see, what's going on.  Not much, really.  Dad has an eye infection, called iritis.  He's had it a number of times over the years, but it's been a while.  So now I have to give him 3 different eyedrops, 4 times a day.  If he calls me "Nurse" (pronounced noyce) one more time, I'm jabbing him right in the eye.

I seem to have become obsessed with the WE channel (Women's entertainment).  I regulary watch Bridezillas and WOmen Behind Bars, and let me tell you, those bridezillas are scarier than any murderer I've seen.  I can't believe these women even find men to marry them!  (and it's all men, no same sex weddings, that I've seen.)

I'm branching out from my obsessive English history reading, and now am on French history.  I just read an interesting biography of Catherine de Medici, the Queen of France in the 16th century.  She's certainly a fascinating woman.  If even half of the accusations about her are true, she's still one hell of a woman.

So, that's all.  Feeling lazy, giving Dad eyedrops, watching nutso brides and reading.  Yeah, I'm one exciting lady.

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Oh man, I've had to do the eye drop thing with Dad SO MANY TIMES.

God, it's driving me nuts! All the times in the past he had this, I had to alternate with Mom, but now I'm all on my own, and it's such a pain in the butt.

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