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What a crappy night
Literally.  The stupid cat, who refuses to poop in the litter box in the best of circumstances, has diarrhea.  Or had it- all over my bed.  I feel like throwing up.  God, I wish I was a drinker.

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Ack, you poor thing! I feel you! My doggie is old and incontinent and has taken to leaving us little surprise lakes everywhere and my house smells like dog pee and I'm at the end of my rope--but *koff* I'm supposed to be making you feel better. *blush*


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Oh, he pees all over the house too. And vomits.

Hugs are good! *hugs*

My doggie is old and does that too, Roxy.

Sorry, Andie! I send sympathy and hugs.

Thanks, sweetie. I'll make you the same offer I made suzvoy, one cat, sent at my expense. He'd love Spain! But you might not love him. I had a printout of a new Tom Welling pic (well, not really new, just new to me), and he pooped on it!

Oh how could he!!!

I'm sorry I can't take him. I have already four cats myself and though they've done some naughty things, they haven't ever dared to poop on my pics!

I just couldn't believe it. Pooping all over my bed? Gross, but understandable. But pooping on Tom Welling? He's damn insane!

My friend's cat does that when it's pissed off.

It may have started as a pissed off thing, a way of getting back at my sister for constantly leaving him alone (he was her cat first), but now it's just his way. The vet says he might be a little senile, he is 17 years old.

*Hugs tightly* Want a slightly incontinent cat? I'll ship him to England and pay for it!

Damn it, Suz, you were my last hope!

How will you survive??

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