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Toddlers and Tiaras- are these people for real?
I'm watching this ridiculous pageant show, and I'm just amazed.  These parents should be ashamed of themselves.  One little girl is sick, she has a fever, and her mother is making her sit there in full makeup and hair extensions and glittery little gown and pose for "glitzy" pictures.  When she's finally done, the mother says, and well maybe I'll talk her to the doctor tomorrow.  And this kid is four! 

Then there's the couple with five daughters, the oldest two are fraternal twins.  One of them has a slightly longer nose, and therefore isn't as big a winner as her twin, and therefore the other is obviously the mom's favorite.  Like, REALLY obviously.  And then there's the mom who has her two sons in paegants, the youngest of them being 2 WEEKS old.  And the older one, about six or seven, says, and I quote, I want to be in paegants until I'm in the graveyard.

I've never seen anything so ridiculous.  And offensive.

In innoffensive news, I had the most delicious dinner I've ever had in a long time in a local restuarant.  It was called Chicken Aquitaine.  It's a thick, sauteed chicken breast, with a layer of shrimp, scallops and crab meat over it, topped with melted mozzarella, all in a lime-dill sauce.  I couldn't taste the lime, and I have no idea what dill tastes like, but it was magnificent!  And cheap- you get a full meal, including soup or salad and desert, for $12.95!  I'm definitely going back!

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I haven't seen this show, but I have seen a couple of commercials, and they were really disturbing. I don't understand some people at all. It sounds like the episodes are just as bad as the commercials suggested they would be.

It's really very frightening. And most of these mothers were pageant veterans themselves, so you think they'd know better.

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