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The State of Me

Just a general update, for the two people who want to know what's been going on with me.

Nothing much, really.

The end.

No, there's a little bit of stuff. Getting some visitors soon. On Wednesday my friend Alissa will be coming back down with her husband and son. Her in laws live right in my town, so we'll be close enough to get together at least once. (Hopefully more than once. I hadn't realized how much I missed her until I saw her this past April.) And near the end of the month, my sister will be coming back. Can't remember the actual date, but it's the Saturday of the week before Labor Day. She'll fly into Fort Lauderdale, spend a few days with her friend Kari (though we'll probably drop by that first night, to have dinner and say hello), then come here until the day before Labor Day, when she'll go home. On Labor Day there will be another mini family reuniuon. It turns out my Dad really has A LOT of family down here. I met these particular cousins at the mini reunion his cousin Binnie had when Dad was in the hospital. The wife is a real hugger. And she hugs HARD!

Next Saturday the AT&T workers will come and switch us from Comcast to their cable and internet service. TOp of the line, fiber optic, so they say. Has anyone used this service? Have any opinions? I'd really like to know before they get here.


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