Does anyone really want to read this?

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I really suck at his updating stuff, don't I?
I am not being a good journaler at all! I'm barely posting these days. I assume I'll pick up as the TV season starts, though. Looks like quite a bit of Smallville love is still going around (well, tariel22 and I both still love it!), and there's lots of buzz about Supernatual. Plus I want to see the new Vampire Diaries show (Read the books when I was a teenager, many decades ago), and the remake of Melrose Place. Who cares about all the newbies, there's Michael and Sydney coming back!

So, I made the switch from my Comcast modem to an AT&T fiberoptic internet connection, and the change is...none that I can see. But it's going to be cheaper in the long run, so I guess that's what counts.

WHat else? Dad's colitis isn't colitis after all, at least according to the CT scan. He's scheduled for a colonoscopy next week, hopefully that will give us some answers.

I've branched out from my obsessive English history reading, and am now tackling other European countries. So far I've read fascinating books about Catherine de'Medici (born in Italy but became Queen of France), Marie Antoinette (born in Austria but became Queen of France), and now I'm reading about Kaiser Wilhem, who led Germany into WWI (or not, if you believe this author.)

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I'm not commenting much lately, Andi. RL has its demands. I hope you are fine!

I'm fine, sweetie. Thank you for asking! RL, it is a bitch, ain't it?

Hey, you know I practically never comment, either! No biggie! I was hoping it was because you were enjoying yourself out there, somewhere, in the summer sun.

I wrote a thing about colonoscopy for fenopause a couple of months ago, if you were interested in reading how that process goes (assuming it's your dad's first.) I could find the link if you wanted to read it.

This would be my father's second colonoscopy, so no worry there, he knows what's going to happen. I just hope it gives us some answers, I know more about the man's bowels than I ever wanted to know about anything!

I wouldn't say enjoying the summer sun as much a hiding from it. I'm not good with the heat, pretty much hate it, as a matter of fact. And now I'm all paranoid about hurricanes, so there's that, too.

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