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Facebook, it is sometimes amazing!
 Gotta hand it to Facebook, sometimes it's not annoying, and is instead helpful. I've been reunited, so to speak, with another long lost friend. And really,  really  long lost in this case.

When I was a kid, I loved to read the Nancy Drew books.  And my favorite was called They Mystery of the Bagpipes,  or something like that, I can't remember the exact title.  But it took place in Scotland, that's what's important.  Anyhow, when my teacher (fourth or fifth grade, I think) told us we could enroll in an international pen pal program, I immediately told them I wanted someone from Scotland.  And so I got someone, Nicola, who lived in Edinburgh and liked to be called Nici.  We wrote back and forth for a lot of years.  In fact, when we were moving last year, I found a box with a ton of her letters in them.

This, of course, is where Facebook comes in.  I got a comment or an e-mail or whatever they call it there, asking me if I was the same Andrea who had lived in Brooklyn and had a penpal in Scotland, and yep, that's me.  We've been commenting back and forth for a couple of days now.  She's slightly older than me, just a few months I think, and recently engaged.  Still in Edinburgh, too. 

I guess Facebook gets a win for this one!

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What a wonderful story! Facebook is so great for those kinds of things.

It really is. My best friend all through my teenage years found me on Facebook last winter (well, she actually found my sister), and it's been amazing, talking to her again. And seeing her again, her in laws live right in my town.

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