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So, my sister went back to New York Saturday night.  It was a fairly pleasant visit.  She spent a chunk of it in Fort Lauderdale at her friend Kari's, which probably helped.  But we also had some sisterly bonding time, especially on Friday.  We got haircuts together at a nearby salon, and let me just say, my hair came out amazing!  Straight the way I like it, with some nice layers framing my face.  It looks so good.  Now the trick will be to make it look like that when I do it.  I probably need a hair dryer.

After haircuts we went over to my cousin Samantha's house, which is huge and gorgeous.  I met her two sons and her husband (or re-met, rather), as well as a friend of hers with three very loud kids.  And they have a dog named Bella, a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix).  She's tiny and adorable and climbed and slobbered all over me.  It was so sweet.

Sis came down with two new tattoos, in addition to the one she already has on her lower back.  (I think they call it a tramp stamp?)  She got a TRansformer robot head on her inner wrist, and a trail of buttferlies o n her ankle leading down to her foot.  Dad is pissed, to say the least.  One more tattoo and she's disowned, was his comment. Also, he told me that her butt looks huge.  (We were waiting in the car while she dashed into a store for something.)  I noticed that also, she's put on a bit of weight.  She mentioned as much to me, anyway.  But she's always had a big butt.  But she's still got gorgeous blonde hair and amazing boobs, so I'm not too worried about her, appearance wise.

So, pleasant visit, but still glad it's over.  Life with my sister is just so...loud.  And sometimes bitchy.  I'm looking forward to some peace and quiet.  Also, a whole bunch of new shows for me to watch this week:  90210, Melrose Place, Glee, Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural!  

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Your sister's doing a bit better than I did when I got my first tattoo - my mom threatened amputation. ;)

I'm so looking forward to the new ep of Supernatural. I just plowed through all four seasons in the past couple weeks, and I'm just hooked.

That first tattoo she got, years ago, she told us was a temporary henna thing. AFter 3 years, I told her it was a bit ridiculous to keep saying that. My parents were not happy. I can only imagine my mom's reaction where she to see the new ones.

I lost a bit of the SPN love last season, to be honest. I was incredibly hooked the first two, and then it started to fade in seasons 3 and 4. I'm hoping the new season will rekindle the love for me.

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