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Feline Update
Dad took Max and Frankie back to the vet today for their followup visit. The news was mixed. Frank seems to be doing better. His appetite is definitely back, so that's good. He was a little dehydrated though, so the vet gave him IV fluids. He gave them to Max, too.

Max, unfortunately, is probably very sick. There's a bump on his stomach, probably indicative of a tumor. The vet offered to do a sonogram, but he said it's really only necessary if you want to take extraordinary measures, which Dad doesn't want to do. At this point, Max isn't suffering, so as long as he's not I guess we'll be leaving well enough alone. When it becomes painful for him though, I guess we'll have to put him to sleep. I can't imagine life without Max. I've had him since I was 20, when he was a tiny kitten who used to suck on my ears and knead my neck. My poor baby.

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I'm sorry about Max. :-( It's so hard when your animals get sick. When my first cat Tigger got sick it was devastating. I'm here for you.

Thanks, sweetie. I've lost pets before, two dogs when I was a young teenager, a cat that ran away. But the thought of losing Maxie, my baby, it's just heartbreaking.

SO sorry about your eye problems, sweetie.

I'm so sorry, sweetie. I'll think good thoughts for your baby. *hugs*

Thank you, Maddie, so much. I've been thinking about you and J quite a bit, too. I know there have been some hard times lately. I'm thinking good thoughts for you guys, too. *Hugs*

Thanks, sweetie. Today was actually a very nice day - - we had our Thanksgiving today. My sister-in-law and I both have to work on Thanksgiving Day, but we were off today. So we had a nice family dinner and visit.

That's really sweet. Dad and I will be going over to my aunts, for dinner at her country club. (She's rich. Her club is amazing. It's nice to live vicariously for one night.)

It is always so sad when one's beloved kitties draw near to the end of their lives. I'm sure he'll be well taken care of by you and that you'll do the right thing when it's his time.

Thank you so much. I hope I can, I don't want him to suffer, but the idea of not having him with me is just terrible.


I'm so sorry you have to go through this.

Thank you, sweetie. *hugs back*

I'm so sorry your beloved kitty is sick. *hugs* I'm glad Max has you to take care of him. Whatever happens, know that you have given him a wonderful life in a loving home.

I hope Frankie is all better soon!

Thank you, sweetie. *Huge hugs*

I'm so sorry to hear about Max. Will be thinking about you (and him).

Thanks, Karen. I'm just so depressed about this.

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