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God, what a day!
It's been one of those days, I swear to God. WHen everything that can go wrong DOES go wrong.

Started early this morning. Had to call in a couple of prescriptions (my insulin and syringes) to the clinic where I fill them. Had problems using the automated service, couldn't get through in person. Dad was heading that way, he offered to drop them off for me. So far, so good.

Or not so good. Dad calls me from the clinic. My insurance policy expired- YESTERDAY. The best they can do is give me an extension, maybe. And then that's it, no more coverage at all. Just terrific. So Dad's on his way home (with a stop at a department store to get pants for tomorrow, dinner at my rich aunt's fabulous country club, just love that dichotomy!). While he's shopping, I'm going frantically through the book that came with the insurance card last winter.

I read the book, and it seems to me that while an extension is only a one time thing, I can still renew. So Dad picks me up and takes me back to the clinic, where we go to the second floor, and are seen almost right away. Luckily the clerk recognizes Dad and has all the info for the extension AND the new application (I was right about that) all ready. They just needed a signature from me and a letter from him (Since I live with him.) We do that, and lo and behold, I have insurance for one more month.

So I'm able to get my needles. They'd already given Dad the insulin, apparently it's a state law that they can't refuse someone insulin. (But how am I supposed to take it without the needles?) So during the long wait, Dad and I went to lunch at a cheap pizza buffet, and then I sat and talked with a nice guy named RObert (with many, many tattoos) while they filled the needles. And then, finally, at 4PM we arrived back home.

So, I'm covered for one more month, until CHristmas day exactly. I have a doctor's appointment on December 30, so I'm going to call on Monday to move it up at least a week. I'll fill as many prescriptions as I can before the cutoff date, and hope that it won't take 3 months for my insurance to be renewed. (Incidently, we asked why they didn't notify us by letter, and she said, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. And that I should have refiled 3 MONTHS before the expiration date. So nice they told me!)

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Insurance companies can be so awful! In general, I'm afraid their actions are generally dictated by whatever makes them the most money. :( I hope you can get your coverage renewed without any hassles!

You're sure right about that! This company doesn't cover Januvia, my expensive but helpful diabetes medication, but they do cover Viagra! Unbelievable.

I freaking hate the health care stuff in this country. It's absolutely outrageous. I'm sorry. :-(

Thanks, Heather. It was such a crap day, you know. But today is Thanksgiving, and I wish you a very happy one!

Insurance red tape is the *worst*! Hope things get sorted out for you.

Thanks, Maddie. It's pretty much sorted out, I think. Now it's just a waiting game, hoping it won't take too long to renew. I'm sure it will, of course.

Oh dear! All I can say is hang in there....

It's really fun times for me right now, isn't it? Cause God forbid I should go into the holiday season in a good mood for once!

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