Does anyone really want to read this?

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I moved to Florida for this?
Jeez, it's like 35 fricking degrees here! We have the heat on! How is this Florida?

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LOL! Same here, sweetie. I don't even remember it being this cold last year. You expect better from Florida, though, huh?

I keep thinking, I Could have stayed in New York if I wanted to freeze! There were a few chilly days last winter, but it was nothing like this!

LOL, I keep telling people that it actually does get cold in Florida. I think people forget that my state is surrounded by water.

I think I've become a genuine Floridian by now. This cold just amazes me. It's hard to believe I spent 36 years in New York, in weather much colder than this. My sister is still there, and she gives us a weather report every day. Last one- 24 degrees, slush everywhere. So I suppose everything's relative, but just barely!

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