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Thank yous and a Max update
First off, thanks to duskwillow for the lovely virtual gift. It's needed right now, that's for sure. We'll be bringing Max to the vet tomorrow to put him to sleep. To be honest, I think we should have done it a couple of weeks ago. Dad just wasn't ready to let him go, but even he realizes now that it's time. My poor baby, it's killing me to watch him suffer like this. I can only imagine how much worse it's going to feel to let him go.

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Oh, I'm so sorry you're going through this! *hugs* I had to do the same thing with my puppy a few years back, and it's so hard. Take comfort in the fact that his pain will be over, and that you gave him lots of love and a happy life. I know you'll miss him terribly. *more hugs*

Thank you, sweetie. I do feel better when I think about how his suffering will be over, but it really is small comfort when I think about losing the little guy I've had for 17 years. I can't imagine my life without him. *Hugs back tightly*

Thank you, sweetie. *Hugs back*

Oh honey, I am so sorry. :-(

Thank you, Heather. Dad brought him in around 9 this morning. We're both total wrecks right now.

Sweetie, I'm so sorry. *big hugs* I know how much it hurts.

Thank you, Maddie. *Hugs tightly*

*Big hugs* I know what it feels like to have to put down animal friends. The emotional pain stops eventually and the only consolation is that Max won't be physically hurting.

Aw, hon, I'm just seeing this now; was out of town at a conference and wasn't able to get online. I'm so very sorry to hear the news, but I know you and your dad wouldn't be taking this step if you didn't both believe it was the right thing to do for Max.


It was the right thing to do, I believe that. But it hurts without him. After seventeen and a half years, it's hard to imagine life without Max in it.

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